Kim Kardashian Leaving Naimie’s Hair Salon With Her Signature, Dark Hair


I was never shy on Twitter to admit that I wasn’t a fan of KIM KARDASHIAN‘S blonde hair. I felt that it detracted from her beauty and made her look like a cheaper version of herself. Kim Kardashian is an extremely attractive woman, and the fact that she has allowed Kanye West to dictate her style, career decisions and overall look is truly disappointing.


I was so glad to see the photos of Kim leaving Naimie’s Beauty Center in Valley Village, California alongside sister, Khloe. This is the Kim I fell in love with 7 years ago. The dark hair makes Kim look healthier, as it accentuates her rich features. To be honest, I don’t like blonde hair on ethnic women at all. I appreciate darker locks. The color enhances the thickness and texture of the hair when you first look at non-European women. It’s very attractive. I truly hope Kim sticks with her brunette look for years to come.