Kim Kardashian Leaving Naimie’s Hair Salon With Her Signature, Dark Hair


I was never shy on Twitter to admit that I wasn’t a fan of KIM KARDASHIAN‘S blonde hair. I felt that it detracted from her beauty and made her look like a cheaper version of herself. Kim Kardashian is an extremely attractive woman, and the fact that she has allowed Kanye West to dictate her style, career decisions and overall look is truly disappointing.


I was so glad to see the photos of Kim leaving Naimie’s Beauty Center in Valley Village, California alongside sister, Khloe. This is the Kim I fell in love with 7 years ago. The dark hair makes Kim look healthier, as it accentuates her rich features. To be honest, I don’t like blonde hair on ethnic women at all. I appreciate darker locks. The color enhances the thickness and texture of the hair when you first look at non-European women. It’s very attractive. I truly hope Kim sticks with her brunette look for years to come.

It’s Actually KWTK Producer Ryan Seacrest Who Is Pressuring Kim Kardashian To Expose Baby North West In Order To Save Ratings


For quite some time now, we have all been aware of the internal struggle that exists between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West over their daughter, Nori appearing on the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ reality series.

Kim has always been extremely open. Kim Kardashian rose to fame on the heels of sharing the intimacies of her life. As a result, the fans who have watched her blossom in the public eye since February 2007 also want to see her interact with her daughter on-screen. After all, North West is Kim’s first child. A lot of people are extremely interested in seeing and judging the type of mother Kim appears to be. However, Kanye West has fought tooth and nail to keep North West away from the film crews. It’s rumored that Kanye considers reality television to be extremely tacky. He can not control how Kim continues to build her brand, obviously. However, because he is the father of North West, he could legally fight Kim in court if she decides to film with their daughter against his will.

Now, what many people sometimes forget is the fact that Ryan Seacrest is the producer of E!’s ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s’ reality series. This means that he is directly affected financially when advertisers are paying less for commercial spots or pulling products altogether in due part to the plummeting ratings of the show. I have been reading online for months that the ratings for E!’s once upon a time, ‘golden series’, has been nose diving season after season. Each season is pulling in less and less viewers.

North3In a bid to ‘save the show’ from cancellation, Ryan has recently contacted Kim directly to plead with her in filming scenes with North West. His compromise is that the filming be very limited to special family events and other gatherings. He simply needs footage to use in advertisements and trailers that may peak the interest of those who have long turned their viewing attention away from the reality program. I mean, whenever Kim posts a new pic of North West via Instagram, Twitter or during a talk show appearance, the photos dominate social media for hours. Certain shots receive upwards of 500,000 – 1,000,000 likes, as everyone then copies and pastes the photos to tumblr, Facebook, twitter and every other network. Having North West appear on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ regularly may certainly result in a ratings winner.

I often wonder WHY Kanye West is so hellbent on not allowing North West to be filmed for the series. He’s obviously okay with Nori’s photos being exposed publicly. He appears to be comfortable with Kim giving exclusive shots to Ellen to be aired on the daytime talk showcase. What really is the major difference in Nori being filmed with a digital video camera? The same audience that likes and reposts Nori’s pics online will be tuned in to watch her physically move on their television screens. I don’t understand the push. Sometimes, I feel that Kanye acts out in certain ways to simply maintain a certain level of control. Quite honestly, I can’t blame him. Kris Jenner is a very headstrong, business savvy woman. She’s the type it seems to get what she wants from people and situations. Kanye is possibly out to prove that he nor his family can be controlled by money or the decisions made by those other than he and Kim. 

I just wonder if Kim Kardashian will soon begin to resent Kanye once she realizes how much of herself she has given up and sacrificed in the name of loving him. Once her series is canceled and she is no longer in the public eye regularly, will she be angry at herself for not standing up for her career and her desires?