10 Ways To Keep A Guy’s Attention Without Taking Your Clothes Off


In this day and time, anyone mildly attractive with somewhat of a decent body can capture the attention of a man on the street. Someone half naked in all of their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram photos can entice the physical interest of a guy who is randomly scrolling his timeline. Many people enjoy the fact that others ogle them up close and from afar. The fact that complete strangers lust for their bodies is enough to make some people feel confident and accomplished.

For some others, however, they prefer for guys to express interest beyond physical appeal. These individuals want to build solid relationships or casual, healthy interactions that aren’t solely based on sex, lust or unyielding, physical pleasures. It becomes difficult to establish these types of relationships in a world where some are willing to do anything and everything to garner the attention of the single, stable and successful men.



10. GET CLOSE TO HIS FRIENDS… Guys often times spend their down time working out with their buddies, doing happy hour, hitting the club scene or lounging around one another’s houses. If he can see that his friends take a genuine liking to you, he’s more willing to invite you to come along for some of their outings.

9. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS… When you are in situations alongside him where you’ve eaten at a particular restaurant previously or have run the same 5 mile race for a different cause, mention helpful hints. Suggest what’s good to order on the menu or tell him about a secret spot where runners dip off for a quick drink of water. Make him feel that you can be helpful in various facets of his life.

8. KNOW WHEN TO SUGARCOAT OR LIE… Though his mother may be an annoying, smothering, overbearing woman who is too afraid to cut the bib strings, don’t make mention of this fact unless he SPECIFICALLY asks you. Even when he inquires about how you feel about her after the first meeting (if he does choose to introduce you to her), focus on her finer qualities.

7. LEND HIM THINGS… I don’t mean allowing the guy to borrow money. Let him borrow your copy of Frank Ocean’s new CD to burn, or offer him the bucket and hose you use to wash your car. When a man has your belongings in his possession, it forces him to return them. This then guarantees that you’ll have future opportunities to see him behind closed doors. Always have him return your things to you at your house.

6. COMPLIMENT HIM… Men truly love to feel like they are attractive and desirable to others. However, instead of telling him how ‘sexy’ he is or how ‘hot’ his body looks, compliment his dimples, complexion, the way he pronounces certain words or even the cute way he eats his french fries with a fork. When you compliment the elements of his life that are most often looked over, he’ll remember you every time he engages in certain behaviors.

5. HUMOR HIM… So what you hate baseball?! If he loves it, be sure to express interest in attending a game alongside him. Afterwards, you make mention of somewhere that you’d love to go for dinner or a little dancing. The fact that you know the two of you will be alone for the remainder of the night will give you the energy to endure 9 long innings of America’s favorite pass time. You don’t have to love what he is into, but you should express interest in learning about his favorite things.

4. PERSONAL HYGIENE… You would really be surprised just how many people don’t take care of their teeth, skin, feet, hair, bodies and fingernails. Regardless of how often a guy grooms himself, he truly does notice the difference between his dates who did keep themselves together vs. the ones who truly didn’t give a damn. Guys like to know that when you come over, you aren’t leaving your musky scent and dead skin cells all over his apartment.

3. BE LESS OBVIOUS… It’s sort of a game, but you can’t allow this guy to know how desperately you want to already plan the wedding and name the children. Allow him to chase after you for a while. Guys really do lose interest quicker in those who are always available. Be reliable without being the one he knows he can always call when he has nothing better or more interesting to do.

2. CONFIDENCE… Always know that he is as interested in being with you as you are interested in being with him. Be conscious of all of your finer qualities and attributes without making mention of them every five minutes. Guys truly do enjoy knowing that the one they are with are capable of handling themselves in any situation. He should feel that you can hold your own if he must step away at the company holiday party or his family Thanksgiving dinner. He spends time with you because he wants to, not because he is being forced. Know that you have what he wants.

1. BE YOURSELF… Regardless of the types of people he’s known to date or the types of individuals you think he would want to be with, stay true to the dynamic of your character. Display your true personality and demeanor, and make no apologies for your standards and expectations. There is nothing special about the individual who works so hard to ‘fit in’ with the crowd. There’s a reason why none of the others have become his focus or number one. Let the special part of you that your friends know, become the side that he falls in love with.

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