BRANDED: Xem VanAdams & David Bridgeforth

I had the very distinct pleasure of interviewing a young man who I met five months ago while attending The Rebirth Of Carta Ball in Washington, DC. This young star, DAVID BRIDGEFORTH captured my attention on the night of Saturday, February 18, 2012. He introduced me to his magazine and overall DBQ brand when he pointed out an article that featured me alongside the likes of LGBT royalty, Derrick Briggs, B.Scott and gay rap artist, Bryn’t.

Ive been paying attention to the work of David Bridgeforth ever since he and I shared those few moments this past winter season. It’s very rare that I am impressed by the younger generation of men who create our community. Im often embarrassed by the values that many of them uphold and the lack of integrity that exists in their daily lives. David, however, represents the alternative.

In his TWO PART INTERVIEW with me, David discusses his childhood, coming out, life influences, personal relationships, business ventures, spiritual clarity and the vicious ‘kweens’ that live in Washington, DC. LOL! Enjoy all that this very intelligent and handsome young man has to share with the world.

As I just said on Twitter moments ago, DAVID BRIDGEFORTH is the EXAMPLE.

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