Paco Rabanne’s Sensual Smell Of Summer

The summer season presents long days filled with intense temperatures and sweltering heat. Men tend to sweat a lot more often in-between their morning workouts, afternoon lunches and possibly a nighttime rendezvous. Men need to be able to spray on a scent in the AM that’s going to mix well with their changing body chemistry and last throughout the PM hours. Since the summer air is usually thick in humidity and heavy with sticky conditions, men should wear a fragrance that is light. Many guys have been socially trained to wear colognes that are rather woody and deep with notes of cardamom. Men seem to think that the heavier or spicier the scent, the more masculine they smell.

This is 2012 and contemporary statements of masculinity no longer dictate a universal ‘type of scent’ for the modern man.

Recently, I visited Sephora to stock up on new colognes that I could splash on and wear throughout this hot and sultry season. I sampled Dolce & Gabbana’s, THE ONE, Givenchy’s, PLAY and Calvin Klein’s, ETERNITY AQUA. Somehow, each smell seemed very familiar to me. These fairly new fragrances either reminded me of a cologne that I presently own or one that I smelled in the store previously, loved and later grew tired of wearing. I was specifically looking for a light scent that was masculine in its dominate notes, but that also had a concentration of perfume essence. In high school, I strictly interchanged between JOOP Homme or Davidoff’s, COOL WATER. Occasionally, I dig to the back of my cologne collection  and spray on the last few drops that are left in each bottle. Each time I do, I receive amazing compliments from both women and other men as well.

While shopping in Sephora, I noticed a new display that was set up inside of the store. The featured cologne, 1 MILLION by PACO RABANNE was arranged at the front of the men’s cologne selection. The golden wrapping appeared a bit gaudy at first glance, but it seemed that only a few packaged bottles of the scent were left to be sold. I picked up the 1.7 fluid ounce sample and sprayed a little on both of my wrists. I never rely on how colognes smell when sprayed on the accompanying product cards. For men especially, scents smell differently depending upon our body chemistry and testosterone levels.

The smell of 1 MILLION began to settle into my skin as I continued to shop Sephora’s cologne collection. I immediately fell in love with it. Usually, its difficult for me to smell new colognes on my own body, but this one had a very unique and airy scent. The harmony of the cologne was very reminiscent of my high school favorites, JOOP and COOL WATER. As I’ve now been wearing 1 MILLION since the first week in June, I notice that the scent lasts throughout my entire day. The smell begins invitingly with a mix of grapefruit, mint and blood mandarin. The middle notes of 1 MILLION are composed of rose absolute and cinnamon, as the finishing notes are ultimate velvet leather, white wood and Indonesian patchouli. 

What I most love and appreciate about PACO RABANNE’S, 1 MILLION is that the cologne isn’t too masculine or too feminine.

1 MILLION is a cologne that can be worn to the office, during a workout, dinner or to the club. The blend of vanilla that exists within the notes of the cologne gives it a fresh, clean fragrance. 1 MILLION isn’t overpowering and it lingers enough to be inviting to both sexes.

I highly recommend that either you purchase 1 MILLION for your man this summer or you stop through Sephora to pick up a bottle for yourself. It retails for $54.00 to purchase the 1.7 fluid ounce and $75.00 for the 3.4 larger bottle. 


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