He Wants To Have Sex Seven Days A Week BUT Isn’t Willing To Show Me Seven Minutes Of Affection

It’s the end of summer and your dudes hormones are raging. As the seasons are preparing to change, his testosterone level has reached beyond the point of combustion. He has become a lot more aggressive and sexually active over the past few weeks. Your man’s appetite for your body is more intense than it has been in months. Whenever you open your arms to embrace him, he yanks you by your belt, pulls you close and begins unbuckling your pants. Each time you attempt to cuddle, he tries to climb between your legs and pull your clothes off. Your guy walks in the house from work and you kiss him on his cheek. Before you can finish asking, ‘how was your day?’ he has your thighs wrapped around his waist, as he’s carrying you into the bedroom.

Despite the fact that you haven’t been in the mood for sheet sessions, you’ve compromised by fulfilling your man’s sexual needs. In return, he has not made an attempt to display forms of affection throughout each day. He only really wants to touch or kiss during moments when the two of you are engaged in intercourse. Even though you are still physically attracted to him, the fact that he isn’t being nurturing or extending tiny gestures of love, has ruined your interest in being intimate with him.


Guys often have a difficult time differentiating between the physical act of having sex and displaying affection towards their partners. In many romantic relationships, one partner usually depends on spontaneous bonding moments as reassurance of their man’s feelings. Being held on the couch while watching a Red Box movie or receiving a tiny kiss on the neck while standing in the kitchen washing dishes makes an individual feel loved, as oppose to lusted after.

Affection can be displayed in many forms. Most often, it is exercised through tiny, thoughtful acts that suggest someone is very fond of another. When a guy shows his affection to his partner, he is actually strengthening the romantic bond that already exists.

Tell your man that while you enjoy having sex with him, you also have needs that aren’t being met. Remind him that you are his partner and not simply his plastic, body pump. Help him understand that you aren’t being fulfilled by the intercourse that is void of intimacy and affection. You can not wait and assume that your dude will figure out the problem based upon a gradual or sudden change in your mood, attitude and demeanor.

Sometimes, the desire to engage in intercourse with our partner is sparked by their ability to make us feel special. Always being groped, fondled or pressured into having sex doesn’t ignite ones interest. Intangible acts of love and care are what helps to create a healthy dynamic in a romantic relationship. A constant display of affection sends the message to your partner that you value them individually and are very much still committed to the relationship.

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