5 Signs That You May Be Too Clingy & Overbearing

There’s a huge difference between wanting attention and being clingy. Some people fall in love and then have a difficult time drawing a line between sharing themselves with their partner and completely smothering that individual. I call these people, CLING-ONS. A Cling-On sometimes waits so long for someone special to enter their lives that they tend to latch on to the person, in fear of losing the newly formed bond. A clingy individual showers their significant other with tiny acts of love and endearment. However, in the process, Cling-Ons tend to oversaturate their partners lives by demanding all of their time and attempting to fill the majority of their space.

Most individuals who are clingy and overbearing aren’t always aware of their annoying behavior. Under most circumstances, Cling-Ons simply want to be liked or loved by others. It’s just unfortunate that the ways in which these people try to secure that love, results in the dissolution of their romantic relationships. Since Cling-Ons are usually very sweet and kind people as well, their ex’s have never expressed the real reasons why they decided to leave.


5. Nancy No Life – This type of Cling-On never makes any plans of their own, just in case their significant other randomly wants to do something throughout a day or during the night. Nancy No Life makes little to no time to interact or engage with their friends or associates who existed in their lives prior to the existence of their relationship. He or She has forgotten that just because they are now one part of a couple, doesn’t mean that they should lose their individuality. Most if not all of the decisions that Nancy No Life makes is centered around the comings and goings of their lover, partner or spouse; ignoring the fact it’s unhealthy for two people to never be apart.

4. Question King/Question Queen – This particular Cling-On demands to know the Who, What, When, Where, Why & How of every situation that their partner experiences and endures. Before their significant other has time to process or explain an issue, the Question King/Question Queen has already ignited their interrogation. If the Question King/Question Queen isn’t satisfied with the details of the answers they’ve been given, each initial question is then followed by a series of supporting inquiries. Their partners are usually made to feel like witnesses being cross examined by a defense attorney.

3. The Leach – This Cling-On physically grabs and maintains a hold on their partner in public and private environments. The Leach exists as almost a second skin on their lovers body. They do not understand the difference between displaying affection and becoming physically, obsessive. The Leach initiates constant hand holding, nibbling, biting, groping, rubbing and other bodily contact. For them, the constant, physical interaction solidifies the strength and comforts of the relationship. If The Leach isn’t able to grab hold of their partner while standing in the same room, they tend to experience levels of tension and emotional distance.

2. Serial Texter/Caller – This type of Cling-On usually makes their partner a phone hostage. They text and call their significant other every hour of everyday. Somehow, they don’t realize just how tiresome and frustrating their behavior becomes. If you have become as annoying to your mate as their bill collectors, you are calling and texting them too often. There’s a fine line between ‘checking in’ throughout a day to make sure your baby knows you’re doing okay and ‘checking up’ on your baby to reassure yourself that they ‘still love and miss you’.

1. Space InvaderIf your partner is sitting on the toilet with the door closed, and you walk into the bathroom in order to spark a conversation, you are possibly the Space Invader type of Cling-On. Every relationship should have boundaries, as every individual demands a certain amount of personal space. Couples should be allowed to co-exist in the same environments without their privacy being violated or their breathing room being clouded. If your partner is hiding in closets or sneaking under the bed, they are attempting to get away from you.

Contrary to popular belief, clinginess is not simply a female trait. There are a lot of men who want and need more attention than the other person who they are romantically involved with. Both sexes, however, can cross the line between sharing themselves with their partners and becoming smothering, overbearing and ultimately, CLINGY.

Have you ever experienced a CLING-ON or Do you see certain CLING-ON characteristics within yourself?


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