NEW XVA VIDEO: The Ugly Duckling Amongst A Sea Of Popular Prettibois In The Gay Community

Today, I released my 127th Youtube Video via the Official Xem VanAdams Youtube Channel! I’ve been holding on to this topic for quite some time now. I was unsure how to approach the issue until receiving a very significant Facebook message from the older, female cousin of one of my readers. She shared with me stories about how this young man, a junior in college, felt less than human because he didn’t look like the other guys he saw in the clubs. She went on to explain that he puts himself down and ignores all of his finer attributes as a result of not having a boyfriend and not feeling physically attractive. Reading her message almost one month ago really made me begin thinking. I began examining our community as a whole, and the value that we place upon surface attributes. I then focused on the numerous conversations and experiences Ive had over the past 11 years as Ive interacted and engaged with different men.

The story I share in the first 6 or 7 minutes of the BELOW POSTED VIDEO stands out in my past as one of the most daunting and disappointing moments of my ‘coming of age’ tale. However, I knew that all of my readers and the majority of my viewers would be able to relate to the individual who I describe during my story. He represents someone who each of us has either known, seen or come in contact with along our individual journey.

I want each of you to WATCH this NEW VIDEO and truly think about the ideas that I present. I don’t say certain things because it ‘sounds good’ or seems ‘politically correct’. I try to shed my truth on a community that otherwise ignores some of our most poignant and poisonous realities. There is so much beauty in the world, BUT we invest our time and attention in focusing on those who ‘look the part’ externally. I hope your train of thought is a bit influenced by some of the things I detail and share in my latest Youtube release…


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