NEW VIDEO! Iyanla Fix My Life: 30 and Over but Under Construction


Three or four weeks ago, I watched the pilot episode of a new series called, ‘TWENTIES’. The show is executive produced by Queen Latifah, but written & directed by an amazing, young soul named, Lena Waithe. I was so impressed with Lena’s work that I reached out to her and shared my love for what she is trying to do in reshaping the way young, black women are portrayed on screen. The lead character in the series, Hattie, reminded me so much of myself; a rare happening in modern day media programming. It was the final scene of the pilot episode, however, that truly ignited a flame within me. I felt every word that Hattie uttered as she detailed her daily struggles, as well as her emotional warfare. As Hattie spoke directly into her video camera, propped on top of her tiny suitcase (exactly what I use to do when I first moved to California), it was as if I was looking at the female version of myself.

Then, last Sunday, one of my closest friends sat beside me after the MTV Video Music Awards and said some things about my life that resonated directly with my spirit. Two days later, August 27, 2013, I recorded the VIDEO that is posted below. I hope that many of you are able to identify with some of the trials that Ive faced during my journey, and therefore don’t feel as alone or frustrated during the process.

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