NEW VIDEO: I Posted My Number On His 62week Old Instagram Pic

Yesterday morning, November 19, 2013, I released my 128th video via the official Xem VanAdams Youtube Channel. This time, I decided to sit in front of my camera and tell a story in the same ways in which I share the intimacies of my life with friends. I discussed a personal situation on camera; one that filled my life with a plethora of emotions over a four week time span. During this 30 minute segment, I detail the back and forth on-goings that occurred as I engaged alongside another young man.

MANY of you over the past 36 hours have already watched, commented, liked and shared this visual with your social media friends and followers. I am definitely receiving and reading all of your feedback. I appreciate the commentary, as I serve to inspire and learn from each of you. THANK YOU for always embracing me along this journey I travel. For as long as each of you continues to support my platform, I shall always share real, human stories. My purpose is to use my voice, as well as the written word to educate and entertain the masses.

I LOVE and appreciate you all. ~Xemmy

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