Robin Roberts Is Having A Baby With Her Partner Of 10 Years, Amber Laign


On January 6, 2014, Good Morning America host, ROBIN ROBERTS, publicly announced her long term, romantic relationship with partner, AMBER LAIGN. The two have been together for the past 10 years. Robin declared how incredibly healthy and happy she felt after spending two years battling the bone marrow disease, myelodysplastic syndrome. Now, Robin says that she wants to become a mother.


Robin and Amber have already found and secured a sperm donor. Together, they have decided that it would be best for Amber to carry the child to term. Robin is 53 years old and Amber will turn 40 this year.

What I most admire about Robin Roberts is the fact that she hasn’t allowed her cancer diagnosis to defeat her character. She is still pushing and fighting to live her best life, despite the setbacks and challenges. Ive heard Robin publicly state that her health issues have served as more of a gift than a curse. I think she feels liberated at this point in her life, and wants now more than ever to celebrate who she is. It’s a beautiful journey to witness.

“Robin says getting sick was the best thing that ever happened to her, because she got a second chance at life.”

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