How Soon Is Too Soon For Love & Love To Start Building Their Nest?

 written by Anthony Weldon (Contributing Writer)
Picture this! You are madly in love with the one you always see in the grocery store. The one you’ve been secretly crushing on for the past 6 months. And you know how crushes are perfect in every way. A body sent directly from the gods themselves. A smile bright enough you’d never need to light another candle. To top things off your crush is blessed with the ambition and determination of Lebron in games 3, 4, and 5.  A certified CHAMPION! 4 months into the relationship, both of your apartment leases expire.  Here is the chance you’ve been waiting for. Operation: Love Nest 2012 and beyond. You both fantasize about your fairy tale life together. As your happily-ever-after thoughts consume you, it hits: perfect!

You pick the china. You design your closets. You choose the wedding ceremony colors. You order monogram towels.  You name your 2.5 children. You even fantasize about your names together. Name-hyphen-name, right? Wrong! There is far too much at stake here for you not to take this major transition seriously.

A few years ago Phylicia Rashad, who played America’s favorite TV show mom Claire Huxtable, wrote a letter to her 21 year old self. She forewarns “Romantic involvement distracts you and can blind you to what’s really in front of you.” That one line ought to stop you dead in your fairytale tracks for at least asking “What’s in front of me?” Only you can answer that question. Use the answer as a starting point.


Continue to check with yourself before you decide. What are your expectations? What will be expected of you? What are you willing to compromise? Are you even willing to compromise?


The questioning doesn’t stop. Take some time to explore. As much time as you need. Just as much as every experience produces a blessing and a burden, know building a future with someone you love is not exempt. Be prepared for reality.



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