New Music: K Michelle – I Dont Believe + Frank Oceans ‘We All Try’ (for the kidz who didn’t know of him then)


What I love most about Miss. K Michelle is the vulnerability and transparency that she displays in her music. K Michelle always uses her artistry to reflect the wears and tears of her heart and soul. The lyrics are unapologetic and the melodies parallel to the raw emotion.

As K Michelle prepares to release her ‘Still No F*cks Given’ mix tape on Valentine’s Day, she has just now shared another cut from the compilation. I DONT BELIEVE borrows from my all-time favorite song by Frank Ocean, WE ALL TRY. The record was included on Frank Oceans, ‘Nostalgia, Ultra’ mix tape; looong before he became a mainstream artist. I used the instrumental in the video I released of David Bridgeforth in July, 2012.

In the song, K Michelle makes mention of her troubled love life, losing her aunt, being snubbed by the Grammy’s, and she even takes a shot at rival, Tamar Braxton. It’s a very enjoyable record, and Im certainly looking forward to the full-fledged mix tape.


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