NEW VIDEO: The Shirtless Guys On The Flyer Will Never Be At The Party!

Photo on 4-7-14 at 3.32 PM #5

Last week, I took to both of my FACEBOOK pages, HERE and HERE, to offer a little ‘public service announcement’ of sorts. In fun, I made a post to all of the party circuit newcomers about the flyers that are designed to lure patrons into the various events that take place in and around the major cities. Basically, I was sharing the fact that the sexy, muscular, shirtless ‘types’  that are graphically positioned on the promo flyers, are never actually in attendance of the party. When I first hit the scene in 2001, it took me a little while to catch on to the fact that the caliber of dudes who came out to the various functions, rarely looked as polished and ‘Ken-like’ as the men who were used on the 4×6 glossies.

It was maybe Thursday or Friday of last week where I received a notification in my inbox that displayed people still ‘liking’ and commenting the status message. As I began to think about the little disclaimer, it took me back to a period in my life where I was more drawn to the ‘party flyers’ and what they represent, than I was to my romantic relationship.

In the BELOW POSTED NEW VIDEO via the OFFICIAL XEM VANADAMS YOUTUBE CHANNEL, I discuss one of my coming of age experiences circa 2004. I detail the lessons I learned, before encouraging my younger and more impressionable viewers to make wiser decisions.

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