Three Time World Champion Boxer, Adrien Broner Parades Around His House Naked In Front Of His Homeboys & Female Groupies


Im actually never surprised these days by the types of things other people do publicly, privately or via social media. We live in a day and time where everyone craves attention and will behave however necessary in order to remain in the media limelight. Maybe this is Adrien playing things up for the cameras, or maybe this is him truly being himself…

Recently, three time world champion boxer, ADRIEN BRONER, allowed cameras to follow him as he prepared for a fight against Marcos Madaina. During the segment, we are given a peek into the public persona of Adrien Broner; athlete, professional boxer, ‘celebrity’. Cameras also followed the 24 year old Ohio native into his home. There, we see Adrien behaving as we would expect many young, newly wealthy, famous men to act out. He and his boys are physically engaged with several women in a hot tub; often flip flopping between the group.

I can’t honestly say that I enjoyed watching this behind-the-scenes segment; for the music, language and cliche activity is all so stereotypical of what society expects from young, African American men. However, I serve an audience that stems from various walks of life. I also cater to an audience that enjoys seeing male and female celebrities in that natural, everyday form.


Well, at the 7 minute and 24 second mark, Adrien Broner shares his naked form with a house filled with his male friends and female groupies. It’s a little funny, but weird at the same time. I often feel that straight, black men are too homophobic to actually parade around naked in front of their other, heterosexual boys. I suppose Adrien Broner is cut from a different cloth and doesn’t have any hangups with being naked in front of others. Im sure this was done in fun…

You do not have to sit through this entire 10 minute segment to see what it is you came here to see ladies and gentlemen. Slide the little bottom cursor over to the 7 minute and 24 second mark