David Beckham’s Underwear Are Torn Off In New H&M Super Bowl Commercial


38 year old soccer stud, DAVID BECKHAM, is preparing to launch his Spring 2014 body wear collection for H&M. The retailer has just featured the star having his underwear torn off in the recently aired Super Bowl commercial clip. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, the minute and a half visual showcases David running through an industrial area and losing pieces of his underwear garments along the way.

David looks great in every frame and at every angle. For a man of his age, and father of four children, his body is in incredible shape. Those cakes alone are baked to fill out the highest quality of boxer briefs, trunks, compression shorts or any other male undergarments. David Beckham exists as one of the few, male celebrities who makes shopping for undies and choosing a great fitting brand, totally worth the effort.