5 Reasons Why Gay Men Love To ‘Do’ Sunday Brunch


Brunch has easily become the most important meal of the gay. Once the gym bunnies have completed their Sunday morning workouts, the church kweens have sung their final, sunrise service hymns, and the house husbands are finished folding clothes, groups of same gender loving men convene for delicately prepared orders of blueberry waffles, cheese omelet’s and bottomless Mimosas. It’s a weekly ritual of sorts; one that gives gay guys everywhere a reasonable excuse to get tipsy and cheat on their tank top diets. Adorned in everything from oxford shirts and blazers, to simple cardigans and snapbacks, Sunday brunch provides guys who like guys with a comfortable setting to detail and discuss everything they didn’t have time to text during their iPhone group chats. It’s the one time each week where gay men can eat carbs without feeling guilty and drink before noon with no apologies.

Easter Sunday, I received three separate invitations to join male friends and associates for brunch at different restaurants. I turned down the requests, as I decided to spend the entire day with my family. However, it dawned on me during the early afternoon that the guys in my life really do enjoy ‘doing’ brunch. I thought about the more recent occasions where I’ve actually seen my buddies face to face. It seems we are always sitting around a circular table, early on a Sunday afternoon. We’re each eating pancakes, while running our mouths about the possibilities of falling in love again and desperately needing a vacation. I also then realized that it isn’t simply my circle of male friends and associates who get together each week to sit down and partake in this signature, midday meal.


Gay men specifically have become the most popular patrons at any restaurant or café that hosts a good Sunday brunch.

Here are 5 simple reasons why


5. IT’S SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT: “I’m doing brunch with such and such” is something pseudo ‘FAB’ to say when casually asked about your day plans. Gay men love to feel that they are somehow a part of the crème-de la-crème. It’s very Nikki Newman & Katherine Chancellor-like to respond to a Sunday morning inquiry by saying, “Oh, nothing really. Ken, David, Jason and I are just about to DO brunch at the Marriott Waterfront”.

Of course, the gays aren’t sitting on sticky, wooden chairs at The Waffle House, or standing in a self-serve line at Old Country Buffet for brunch. When we get together for our weekly face to face, we’re dining on the rooftop terrace of the W Hotel’s, POV Lounge or sitting outside of some well-known, downtown café’. Some groups of friends keep it very cheap and casual. However, location has become as essential to our brunch dates as the items listed on the menu.


4. THE PICTURES: Groups of gay men tend to be a very ‘show and tell’ type of crowd. We love nothing more than being able to capture photos of ourselves out and about. A Sunday brunch session isn’t adjourned until our entire circle of successful, attractive, charismatic friends, otherwise known as the ‘bros’, are posed for the classic ‘GROUP SHOT’.


Aside from the signature, #MyCrewIsBetterThanYourCrew candid, taking pics of the food, perfectly positioned on fancy, white plates has become a BRUNCH MUST DO as well. Regardless of how dry the blueberry pancakes may look, how hard the eggs feel, or burnt the bacon may taste, for as long as the food photographs well, gay men will pull out their phones to snap a pic and upload the food display to all of their social media timelines.

3. BRUNCH GIVES SUNDAY A PURPOSE: Sundays tend to be filled with tedious tasks that we’ve put off during the entire week. The day is rather slow in pace. Fridays after work or class, many of us do happy hour with co-workers or random associates. Saturdays are designated for running errands, shopping at the mall and if we’re lucky, going on a hot, late night date. Then, we wake up Sunday morning to hit the gym, go to church or clean. Before facing the bustle of a new week, brunch becomes that special ‘something’ we have to look forward to.


2. THE TIPSY TALK WITH TRUE FRIENDS: There’s nothing more comfortable or fun than being able to say anything out of your mouth and knowing that your honesty won’t spill from the table. With our busy work and school schedules, there simply isn’t enough time to detail our daily life happenings online or during the iPhone group chats we engage in between meetings. When all of our buddies are buzzed and full of good food, everyone in the group has their guards down. We take advantage of brunch by using the occasion to tell-all.


1. THE BOTTOMLESS DRINKS: Gay men may spill tea, but they will never waste a good, alcoholic drink. Regardless of age, race or social standing, gay men everywhere generally love their cocktails. An event doesn’t officially begin until the alcohol is served, right? When we pay $30 – $50 per person for an upscale or down home, all-you-can-eat brunch special, it is expected that pitchers upon pitchers of Sangria and Bloody Mary’s will flow throughout the afternoon. And if the Mimosas are watered down with more orange juice than champagne, we will keep requesting glasses until a strong buzzzzz sets in.

Brunch is the most important meal of the gay for every reason aside from the actual food that is served. It’s the one time of the week where men who love other men can sit amongst friends, capture new memories on camera and bask in an end of week moment where diets and horrible, Saturday night dates temporarily don’t matter.

DISCLAIMER: the men who appear in the various above posted photos aren’t to be assumed as members of the LGBT community.


I Want To Workout BUT Im Too Embarrassed To Go To The Gym & I Don’t Know How To Get Started


Many of you at this very moment are having $29.99 drafted from your checking account on a monthly basis for a gym membership you never use. You may have signed up at the beginning of last summer or even at the dawn of this new year. The intent was either to lose weight, tone your stomach, build muscle or simply bulk up as to look great in a fitted, tank top. However, the first day you entered the facility, you became intimidated looking around at all of the equipment and all of the ‘fit’ individuals exercising on the weight room floor. As a newbie, you felt slightly embarrassed to be standing inside of the gym. Your mind began to filter thoughts that you were ‘too out-of-shape’ to even be standing inside of an athletic club. Your confidence was shot by your first gym experience, and therefore, you no longer attend.


It was October 2012 when I signed up for my first, adult, gym membership. Prior to that, I would accompany my father to Baltimore’s downtown YMCA facility to occasionally lift weights during my summers in college. Unlike a lot of guys in their twenties, building muscle and maintaining bulk weight was never a priority for me during those years. As a result, I worked out when I wanted to and cared less about my body frame. However, two years ago, I reached a point in my life where I did not like how my body looked in pictures or standing naked in my full length mirror. I was bombarded on a daily basis with photos of half dressed guys on Tumblr and Instagram who were obviously in great, physical shape. My metabolism had begun to slow down, and I was experiencing that ‘skinny-fat’ phase. My chest, arms and legs were still small, but didn’t have any tone. My stomach wasn’t hanging over my belt, but that entire midsection was flabby and thicker than the other areas on my body. Doing a series of sit ups and push ups twice each week was no longer combatting my poor eating habits or lazy lifestyle choices. Knowing that my metabolism would continue to decrease, I decided to take control of the way my body would develop.

When I first signed up for my gym membership with Merritt Athletic Club, the timing was perfect. I was mentally and emotionally drained by what I considered to be a lack of progress in my ‘online career’. Extremely frustrated by my inability to control my life circumstances, I knew that if I started working out consistently, I could control my physical build. Though I publicly announced that I was going to begin lifting weights and working out regularly in the fall of 2012, it was seven months later that I even began sharing my progress photos. Not only was I using this time away from my online platform to develop my body, but exercising regularly also helped me release a lot of the stress I felt regarding my lack of career success. The fact that I was now placing myself in a new environment on a regular basis, truly helped me ignore my feelings of sadness and frustration. I had developed a new focus that had absolutely nothing to do with my professional goals or romantic interests. This is how working out began to easily filter into my lifestyle. Going to the gym became a normal part of my daily routine.



When I started my journey to gain weight, build muscle and lose my stomach fat, I decided to also surrender my fears of judgment. I knew going into the gym for the first time in 8 years, I was going to have to start from the beginning. I did not have a lot of upper body strength at the time and I accepted that fact. I could only bench press 45 pounds. I curled maybe 50 pounds. I could only push 95 pounds on the leg press and it was almost impossible for me to successfully complete 4 sets of 10 reps for each of the exercises. While all of the black guys and white, fraternity-like boys were piled in the free weight section of the gym, I was working out on the same machines that the old men and housewives were using. I spent the first 6-7 months in the gym simply building my strength, getting comfortable with the gym equipment and becoming use to the routine of working out on a daily basis. I wasn’t embarrassed at all, as I realized that MOST of the guys who were on the heavy duty equipment had started out the same way when they were in high school and college. I simply put on my iPod and spent 60-90 minutes each day following my ‘workout schedule’.

YOU SHOULD NOT JOIN A GYM SIMPLY TO POST PICS ON INSTAGRAM CAPTIONED #GymFlow – You absolutely have to want to see real results…


1. Your first day at the gym should either be a Friday evening, Saturday night or a Sunday morning. Most gym facilities are extremely empty during these hours. You will have plenty of space and time to become comfortable using the different pieces of equipment, and trying out exercises that best fit your physical goals. I advise that you take an experienced individual with you for this first session. I brought my father along with me for my first, Sunday workout. Together, we created what would become my gym routine for the first 3 months of lifting weights regularly. We chose two pieces of equipment for each body part that I wanted to build; 2 chest exercises, 2 bicep exercises, 2 tricep exercises, 2 shoulder exercises, 2 back exercises, 2 ab exercises, 2 glute exercises, 2 quad exercises and 2 calf exercises.

Together, we also decided that I would perform the 2 chest, shoulder and back exercises on Mondays & Wednesdays. On Tuesdays & Thursdays I would complete my glute, quad and calf exercises. Fridays were dedicated to biceps and triceps, as Saturdays would be focused on abs and other cardio. On Sundays, I would stay home and rest. KEEP IN MIND that your biceps and triceps are automatically being worked when you’re lifting to build your chest, back and shoulders.

YOUR FIRST DAY AT THE GYM SHOULD NEVER BE A WEEKDAY BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 6am-10am OR 4pm-9pm. This is when the facilities are crowded with the regular, more experienced patrons. YOUR FIRST DAY AT THE GYM SHOULD ALSO NEVER BE A SATURDAY. Everyone who has skipped or missed their weekday hours will be piled on the weight room floor.

2. Keep in mind that even though it may feel as if ‘everyone is staring at you’, most people are too focused on getting in and getting out of the gym to be focused on how your body looks. Most people in the gym are just as insecure with their bodies as you are. Even individuals who look to be in great, physical shape are desperately trying to fix what they consider to be a problem area. NO ONE is looking and laughing at you. Believe me, most individuals inside of the gym are silently supportive of seeing someone else begin their exercise journey.

When I first started working out, I always kept my body covered in sweatshirts, compression pants underneath my hooping shorts, and anything else that would hide my skinny-fat frame. It made me feel comfortable. I knew the day would come when I too would simply wear a tank top or a sleeveless shirt the ways in which the more muscular guys were wearing on the gym floor.

3. DO NOT SKIP YOUR SCHEDULED WORKOUT DAYS. Consistency is the ONLY secret to seeing results. It does not matter how much weight you lift or how many miles you run on the treadmill if you aren’t repeating the routine on the same days each week. For me, it has always been easiest to hit the gym as soon as I wake up in the morning; especially during the weekends. You want to get into the gym before the weight of the world hits you each day. It can be extremely tough to find the energy to workout after sitting in a classroom or behind a cubicle for eight hours. If you absolutely CAN NOT fit an early morning workout into your schedule, I certainly do advise that you purchase a pre-workout drink or pre-workout pills. These supplements often send a surge of energy through your system. Use the supplement two hours prior to leaving work or school. By the time you get in your car, your body honestly does feel rejuvenated. For guys especially, the pre-workout supplements will make you feel slightly horny, a bit stronger and excited about releasing the tension on the weight floor.

4. While a lot of older guys will deter you from using protein shakes, creatine and other supplements to help build muscles and put on mass weight, I certainly encourage it. The faster you begin seeing results, the more encouraged you become to continue working out on a regular basis. To be honest, I hate the way protein shakes taste, and I hate the nauseating feeling I get 20-30 minutes after drinking them. However, most others that I have spoken to do not experience the nausea. I began using flavorless Creatine powder in July 2013. I would add 5g-10g each day in my water or cranberry juice each morning. It helped me appear thicker, and also aided in my muscles not feeling incredibly sore the morning after an intense workout.


I drink the GNC ‘BEYOND RAW’ RE-BUILT MASS SUPER ANABOLIC MASS GAINER protein shake. For those of us who simply want to gain weight, have a little chest, nice arms, round thighs and an overall ‘thick but not too muscular’ look, this product has certainly aided my journey. I also drink Vanilla-Creme MUSCLE MILK from GNC or regular Vanilla ENSURE from the grocery store during periods when my system simply can’t stomach and tolerate the protein shake.

5. USE THE SAUNA or STEAM ROOM. While some people are extremely uncomfortable sitting in their towel or compression shorts amongst strangers, the sauna and steam room truly do relax the muscles. A 10-15 minute session following heavy weight lifting exercises can make a lot of difference in how your body feels the next morning. Many individuals stop working out after the first few days because they can’t endure the soreness that affects their joints. The only way to avoid the pain is to either drink protein shakes of some sort, or to spend 10-15 minutes in a steam room following the workout. Even for me, when I increase my weight on the bench press, curl or any other exercise every 3 months, my body gets sore from the change. The pain is a signal to let you know that you have properly worked the muscle. If you aren’t experiencing initial pain after working out a new muscle or attempting a new exercise, you aren’t properly exercising.

6. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST CHANGE YOUR DIET! Developing the ‘summer body’ you desire is 80% NUTRITION and only 20% EXERCISE. There is no point or purpose in you hitting the gym three or four times each week if you’re still going to eat anything your heart desires. Thankfully, in my case, fish has always been a huge part of my diet. I eat salmon, tilapia or whiting almost daily. Since fish and chicken are already HIGH in protein, it was very complimentary to my muscle building diet. I began eating oatmeal or boiled eggs for breakfast each morning. Oatmeal burns stomach fat and eggs are also HIGH in protein. As I would get extremely hungry before lunch, I snacked on greek yogurt of assorted flavors, unsalted almonds, apple slices or raisins. I stopped eating Doritos, chips, soft batch cookies and donuts altogether. My lunch consisted of grilled fish or chicken, steamed broccoli or asparagus, maybe some brown rice and an apple or grapes. Since I am most hungry after working out, I would have my protein shake after eating a full dinner, as to fill me up completely.

TO BUILD MUSCLE, THE GOAL IS TO TAKE IN THE SAME AMOUNT OF PROTEIN EACH DAY AS YOUR WEIGHT. Protein is ingested in GRAMS. I weighed 153 pounds when I started working out in October 2012. My shake already contained 60 grams of protein. This meant that I had to supplement the other 93 grams in the foods I ate; i.e. fish, chicken, eggs, greek yogurt and almonds. Some guys drink two protein shakes each day; therefore securing that they will exceed their protein gram intake.

YOU SHOULD ALSO NOT HAVE CHEAT DAYS MORE THAN ONCE PER WEEK. I only stray from my diet on Friday nights or Saturdays. I won’t treat myself to an entire pizza or a value meal from McDonalds, but I will do a quart of shrimp fried rice and two egg rolls from China Wok. I will also only drink a cocktail if Im attending a party or event. Alcohol is filled with sugar. Sugar creates tummy fat. I most recently started eating chicken cheesesteak subs again on my designated cheat day.

SNEAKING COOKIES, CUPCAKES, FRUIT JUICE, CHICKEN NUGGETS, A BAG OF CHIPS or SKITTLES in the middle of a busy day certainly does COUNT as cheating. If you become extremely hungry even after snacking on the almonds, greek yogurt, fruit or raisins, try drinking cups of green tea. I do it all of the time. Green tea also burns stomach fat quickly and will certainly curb your appetite.

7. REST YOUR BODY FOR 8 HOURS EACH NIGHT. Muscles do not grow while you are in the gym working out. Muscles only grow when they are resting. If you aren’t getting proper rest each day, your body isn’t going to recover from the heavy lifting or intense exercising that you’re doing on a regular basis. You will not receive your greatest gain potential until you are laying down and resting your body for the average 8 hours.

Overall, working out is a challenge. I don’t think I would have been consistent had I joined a gym in 2008 or 2010 when I was absolutely focused on blogging and creating youtube videos on a very regular basis. I began this journey during a period when I chose to isolate myself from the world. For seven months, I became so focused on building my body that I was able to ignore some of the other aspects of life that were not in my control. Going to the gym became as normal for me as waking up and brushing my teeth because I didn’t have other people or objectives acting as distractions. We all want to be in shape, but doing the work and making the sacrifice is extremely tough. If you simply have to start by consistently performing cardio exercises inside of your home, then do so. Only sign up for a gym membership once you know for a fact that you have the time, energy, focus and drive to remain consistent in exercising according to the initial schedule that you create.



Kellan Lutz Bares His Beefy Chest & BiCeps In The March 2014 Issue Of Mens Health UK Magazine


KELLAN LUTZ easily exists as one of the most attractive, young leading men in Hollywood. Only starring as the supporting character of Emmett Cullen in the cult Twilight series, Kellan has now stepped forward to prove that he’s worthy of the spotlight.


28 year old, Kellan Lutz is featured in the March 2014 issue of the MENS HEALTH UK Magazine. We not only get to see him photographed bare chested and bursting at the seams of his tiny, grey tee, but Kellan also reveals pieces of his workout regime. As someone who has been working out consistently over the past 15 months, I know how dedicated one has to be in order to build and reshape their body. It’s a lot of hard work, and certainly takes a great deal of dedication. Kellan gained a lot of weight and muscle to play this role.


Since Kellan was tapped to star as the alpha male character of Hercules, he had to beef up even larger than he was throughout the filming of the Twilight saga. The film sees Hercules destined to fight his evil father King Amphitryon (Scott Adkins) who grows mad with power, conquering city-states and waging war.

In staying in shape to fill the demands of the role, Kellan stated…

‘Staying upright on a horse is hard on your abs, and swinging a sword really hits your core as well as your arms.’ He adds that while he’s not a fan of running, he also burns fat with bodyweight moves as well as gym sets. In regards to his eating habits, Kellan has followed the Paleo Caveman diet, which eliminates refined sugar, dairy products, legumes and grains.


Even though HERCULES has been panned by critics everywhere, WATCH the trailer below to see what you have to look forward to once the movie hits DVD in a month or so…

The Sex Diet: 10 Foods That Can Improve Your Bedroom Prowess & Performance


One of the worst and most frustrating feelings is being engaged in an intimate moment with your partner and not being able to physically perform or satisfy their sexual needs. Your mind is saying, ‘YES’…and yet, your body isn’t responding. Just as an athlete must alter his or her diet to build and refine prowess on the field, we must actively prepare ourselves to ‘rise to the occasion’ in the bedroom.

Contrary to popular belief, the physical act of having sex does indeed exercise various parts of the human body. Just as with swimming, rowing, aerobics, and other cardio activities, engaging in sex regularly can require the same vigor and stamina as participating in hour long, gym sessions. As we begin to age however, sex can become physically uncomfortable and increasingly exhausting. In some cases, our bodies can no longer withstand the pressure and required strength to perform in certain positions over extended periods of time. The high levels of energy that once contributed to our amazing, sexual experiences begins to decrease. We lose interest in being physically intimate, our hormone levels decrease and sex just no longer exists in our lives as an enjoyable activity.

Meanwhile, there are various foods that contain a series of vitamins and other components that trigger several organs in the human body. Regardless of your age, gender or current sexual appetite, a slight change in your diet can certainly prepare your body and brain for intimate, bedroom activity.

Here are 10 FOODS that have been proven to improve your health for the optimal, sexual experience…

10) ALMONDS & NUTS – Before you bust one, try eating a few. Vital in the production of mens hormones, almonds help to release a bodily scent that is purported to arouse the passion in your partner. If you aren’t already aware, the foods we consume on a regular basis, contribute to our everyday scent. Once the smell of our soaps, lotions and colognes wear off, it’s the natural secretions from our pores that create an overall, body odor. Almonds, apparently mix well with male testosterone as it contributes to creating healthy amounts of it.

9) AVOCADOS – Not everyone can stand the flavor or texture of this central mexican fruit. However, it contains high levels of Folic Acid. Folic Acids are known to increase energy levels in males and females. The Vitamin B6 increases male hormone production, as the Potassium regulates a woman’s thyroid gland. As male hormone’s increase, most men easily fall into the mood of wanting to release the build up. This desire then results in a more intense, sex session.

8) CELERY – As this vegetable often makes for a great snack when dipped in peanut butter, celery shockingly contains an odorless hormone called Androsterone. While engaging in sexual activity, a man begins to perspire. The heat and physical exertion associated with sex forces men to release the Androsterone through his pores. The result is that his partner becomes more aroused by the allure of the moment.

7) GARLIC – Despite the fact that garlic makes the breath smell horrible, it contains a component called Allicin. This component increases blood flow to sexual organs; therefore allowing a man to maintain a stiffer erection. The more firm a man’s erection, the more intense the pleasure he is able to provide to his sexual partner. As he is able to remain hard for extended periods of time, his desire may heighten to try new and different bedroom tricks.

6) FIGS – Figs are a tender, plump and sweet fruit that resembles the female vagina. Figs are chewy and extremely popular in Europe. While they aren’t readily available in the US, figs are high in amino acids. These organic compounds then improve sexual stamina. The intensity of love-making sessions increases as sexual stamina improves amongst men. You or your man are also able to avoid premature ejaculations; therefore engaging your partner in extended, sexual stimulation.

5) OYSTERS – Many have always considered oysters as an aphrodisiac. This little shell fish is high in Zinc. Zinc is proven to raise a man’s sperm count, as well as his testosterone production. Quite a few doctor’s will suggest that men consume oysters during the period where their girlfriend/wife is wanting to conceive a child. The higher the male sperm count, the more likely his partner will become pregnant.

4) EGGS – Whether served fried, scrambled, boiled or raw, eggs are high in Vitamins B6 and B5. They are suggested to balance hormones in men and women; therefore fighting against stress. It is a known fact that most people lose their interest in engaging in sexual activity when their stress levels begin to overwhelm their personal or professional lives. As many individuals will subconsciously abstain from having sex during periods of high anxiety and frustration, the vitamins found in chicken eggs seem to help decrease stress levels. So, maybe adding an extra side of eggs to your Bob’s Big Boy breakfast will help you maintain focus in and outside of the bedroom.

3) BANANAS – Ironically shaped like the shaft of a male penis, bananas greatly contribute to the sexual health of most men. The Bromelain Enzyme that is found in bananas, helps men to avoid issues related to stamina-busting deficiency and clogged arteries that limit blood flow to the male sex organs. Some scientists even argue that bananas can help to reverse impotence in older men. If consumed regularly, bananas can increase the male appetite for sex; basically building his sex drive beyond physical combustion.

2) FATTY FISH – Salmon, one of my favorite weekly meals, is considered to be a ‘fatty fish’. Rich in DHA and EPA Acids, salmon and other fatty fish tend to raise Dopamaine levels within the brain. Dopamaine trigger’s arousal in humans; prompting immediate interest in the naked, human body. As arousal occurs within the male especially, regular consumption of fatty fish also provides higher quality semen to be released.

1) DARK CHOCOLATE – Despite how bad this sweet treat may be for the tummy and skin, the Alkaloid Theobrominee chemical found in chocolate is believed to ignite feelings of ‘being in love’. Eating dark chocolate ignites certain passions that then make the love-making experience more intense. This is WHY it’s so important that your partner consume their Valentine’s treats immediately after dinner. By the time you both arrive home from your special night out, the Alkaloid Theobrominee should be worked into your systems. There’s no need to even turn on the lights as you make your way through the front door. The two of you are ready to express your intense love for one another in the most physical way possible.


Losing Your Belly Fat Without Exercising

The summer has been a scorcher thus far here on the East Coast. It’s miserable. We escaped a tumultuous winter filled with snow storms and sheer cold blizzards. However, the sweltering temperatures that we’ve experienced since June 20th have made it difficult to even breathe some days. Not only is it tough trying to keep clothes on inside of the house, but its almost impossible to be comfortable walking around outside in shorts, flip flops and a shirt. For people who have slaved away in the gym for the past six months, this time of year is an oasis. They can proudly bask under the flames of the sun; topless and stunning in the glory of their toned bodies and flat bellies.

Anyone who knows me well, is aware of the fact that I hate exercising. I loathe the idea of going into a gym and preparing to undergo a 30-60 minute workout. Im not a lazy individual, but when it comes to building, shaping and molding my body, I’ve rarely been motivated to do the physical work. I’ve reached the point in my life where my metabolism has certainly slowed down. It’s no longer easy for me to eat what I want, whenever I want and not suffer for it in the belly region. My father has a black belt in Taekwondo, and has been physically training his body since he entered the military at the age of nineteen. He and I have trained together sporadically over the years. However, his drill sergeant tactics make it extremely difficult for me to want to maintain a regular workout schedule or routine. My body gets sore in places that I never realized I used. My energy decreases, as I become increasingly tired. I start thinking about all of the other tasks I could be completing during the hour that Im exercising. Then, I begin to make excuses as to why I don’t need to workout or build my body.

Though I’m 5’8 and only weigh 156 pounds, my body isn’t toned. My arms are flabby. I have tiny rolls on the sides of my stomach. My chest sags if Im not standing upright and intentionally poking it out. I have a nice pair of thighs, but my stomach truly is a problem area for me. I have spent the past two summers trying to figure out how I can avoid working out, without being a total disgust to myself when standing naked in the mirror. I’ve talked to quite a few individuals who are very health conscious, as I try to control my belly fat through lifestyle choices.




Fill your plate with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A diet rich in plant-based foods will help you lose belly fat. The dietary fiber will fill your stomach without causing you to eat more calories than you can burn. Also, please take note that WHOLE GRAINS in particular contain chromium and magnesium. Those ingredients help combat weight gain hormones more than any other chemicals.




The rule about eating ‘3 Healthy Meals Each Day’ is for children. Spread smaller meals throughout the day; possibly six in total. Eating every two or three hours throughout the day will prevent you from consuming more than you’re burning. SNACK ON celery with peanut butter, whole grain pretzels, apple slices, bell pepper slices and hummus.

I also SNACK ON raisins, celery sticks, carrots and dry cereal.




Limit your intake of alcohol to two or three drinks per week, not two or three drinks per social event. Alcohol increases the inability of the body to burn fat by 40%. When you drink daily or even too often, your body stores more of the fat from the foods you eat. The alcohol inhibits the hormones that help your body burn fat and create muscle. Also, for those who smoke, your fat goes directly to the abdominal area as opposed to the thighs or hips.




It’s widely known that stress can cause weight gain. Specifically, stress causes your body to release a hormone called cortisol. This hormone leads to build-up of the fat that surrounds organs in your abdominal cavity. This is why someone can stop eating when they get stressed, lose weight all over their body, but still have a tummy.

You must spend an hour each day strictly engaged in an activity, hobby or task that you truly love and enjoy. For me, I write, record my videos or promote my XemSays brand through my social networking sites. This is time that I spend completely alone.

TIP: Orange Juice and Whole Wheat Bread are also very fatty and can push that belly beyond the belt if consumed regularly. Don’t be fooled. Both products may serve the purpose of maintaining proper blood and pressure levels, but they attack the tummy like a demon.

I try my very best to eat properly, simply because I have a better chance of controlling my belly gain through food intake than I do by exercising. Sure, the best way to maintain a flat or toned stomach is to engage in at least thirty minutes of daily cardio. However, for those of us who aren’t motivated and truly don’t desire the physical strain, it is best to at least maintain nutritional and lifestyle consistency.