Xemmy’s Favorite Super Bowl Performance Of All Time: Britney Spears, N’Sync, Aerosmith, Nelly & Mary J. Blige

While many from this generation would argue that last year’s halftime show starring Beyonce was the best performance of our time, Id have to disagree. Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook already know how I feel about her recycled stage antics, repetitive ad libs, exact same melodies and routine choreography. It was indeed a classic, Beyonce performance, but one that we had seen fifty million times over the past ten years.


For me, the absolute best Super bowl halftime show was delivered by BRITNEY SPEARS, N’SYNC, AEROSMITH ft. STEVEN TYLER, MARY J. BLIGE and NELLY. In 2001, MTV produced the showcase during Super Bowl 35. Initially, the pairing of all of these different artists seemed as if it would turnout to be a disaster. However, each star managed to hold their own on stage while blending their sound with the other artists. 


I really LOVED this performance because it was filmed during a time when Britney Spears was ‘BRITNEY F*CKING SPEARS!’ She was bright eyed, toned, full of that spark and always ready to deliver a killer stage show. Justin Timberlake was preparing to part from N’Sync, so their music at the time was laced in a lot of urban beats. Aerosmith was riding high from their latest ballad release and Mary J. Blige was crossing over into mainstream recognition. I believe this Superbowl show happened during or immediately before the launch of Mary’s, ‘No More Drama’ era.


I really miss these types of performances, as now, the Super Bowl committee plays it very safe when selecting a featured star. I do believe that Bruno Mars will be entertaining tonight, but there honestly isn’t any real hype or anticipation surrounding his performance. So, for those of you who never saw the 2001 Super bowl halftime show, or for those who need a reminder of how incredible it was, tap into the visual below…

Nelly Attends & Takes Center Stage @ Playboy Super Bowl Party In NYC


Last night, 39 year old rapper NELLY made an appearance at the 2014 Playboy Super Bowl Party. The event was held at the Bud Light Hotel Lounge in New York City.



Nelly not only walked the red carpet and posed with quite a few of the Playboy bunnies, but he also took center stage. The veteran rap star is in New York City to partake in all of the festivities that surround tomorrow’s big, Super Bowl game.


The few things that I can honestly say about Nelly is first, he never seems to age. The man is 39 years old and still looks as chiseled and youthful as he did when he first hit the music scene with Country Grammar in 2014. Secondly, if you think about it, Nelly is one of the few male, rap artists who has never had his name or brand ruined by a huge, public scandal. You’ve never seen Nelly’s name or image plastered across negative, damaging headlines. Additionally, he has made a few lucrative business decisions. Though Nelly isn’t the chart-topper he once was, the man has sold millions upon millions of single records. Blending his sound with country music truly solidified his brand within the industry.


It looks as if Nelly is still celebrating life and enjoying the moments..