David Beckham’s Underwear Are Torn Off In New H&M Super Bowl Commercial


38 year old soccer stud, DAVID BECKHAM, is preparing to launch his Spring 2014 body wear collection for H&M. The retailer has just featured the star having his underwear torn off in the recently aired Super Bowl commercial clip. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, the minute and a half visual showcases David running through an industrial area and losing pieces of his underwear garments along the way.

David looks great in every frame and at every angle. For a man of his age, and father of four children, his body is in incredible shape. Those cakes alone are baked to fill out the highest quality of boxer briefs, trunks, compression shorts or any other male undergarments. David Beckham exists as one of the few, male celebrities who makes shopping for undies and choosing a great fitting brand, totally worth the effort.

Ashanti’s Super Bowl Weekend Appearances In NYC

Celebs attend ESPN The Party Pre Super Bowl Party

As her fans patiently await the arrival of her serially delayed Bravehart album, ASHANTI continues to simply make red carpet appearances at all of the celebrity packed events. Last week Ashanti showed up to the Grammy festivities, and this weekend she walked the carpet at several Pre Super bowl events.


Ashanti looked great, in my opinion, as she attended parties hosted by ESPN, as well as DirecTV. I’m not one to ever defend Ashanti’s vocals, performances or chart success. However, I have always been one of the first amongst my friends and associates to state the fact that Ashanti is ALWAYS done.


Whenever you see Ashanti at an event, awards show, premiere or red carpet affair, she is put together flawlessly. Her hair, makeup, shoes, bags and ensembles always flatter her toned body. Ashanti just seems to take great pride in how she presents herself, publicly. That’s more than we can say for many urban and pop, female artists.


Im just hoping that Ashanti attaches herself to a concrete record company and/or reputable management team. Though she claims to be releasing a music video to accompany her ‘I Got It’ single, Im not so sure that visual will see the light of day. It must be difficult for her at this point in time as she is controlling every aspect of her music career.

Nicole Richie Stuns On The February Cover Of Marie Claire Magazine (Full Spread)


I have been in love with NICOLE RICHIE’S personality since she made her debut on ‘The Simple Life’ reality series alongside then BFF, Paris Hilton. It was maybe ten or eleven years ago when the show first aired, and Nicole Richie was a completely different young woman. Physically, she was maybe 30 or 40 pounds heavier, and she wore anything that seemed trendy and casual for the celebutante crowd. Her clothing was usually ill fitting and sloppily thrown together. Additionally, Nicole was a heavy drinker and prescription drug user. I remember reports hitting news outlets in 2004 saying that Nicole was pulled over by police, high from vicodin, and driving on the wrong side of Pacific Coast Highway in LA. A decade later, Nicole Richie has evolved into her womanhood.


NICOLE RICHIE is the cover model for February’s MARIE CLAIRE MEXICO Magazine. Extremely pretty, petite and adorned in unique, bohemian chic pieces, Nicole looks every bit of a young starlet. Now, however, Nicole is also a wife and mother of two; 6 year old Harlow Madden and 4 year old, Sparrow. Inbetween raising her family, Nicole acts as a judge for the ‘Fashion Star’ reality competition series. Also, she owns, designs and operates her own fashion house, the House Of Harlow.


I only skimmed through the lengthy article, as it was the photos of Nicole that made me want to make this post. In the interview segment, Nicole speaks a lot about her family. She says that being a mother now has changed her priorities. She does her best to maintain a balance in her life so that business never takes precedence over the children. Nicole mentions that her parents only live 10 minutes away, so when she needs help raising the children, she can turn to her family, Joel or Joel’s twin brother.

When questioned about her friendship with Paris, Nicole’s response was classically shady. LOL! She said something to the effect of, ‘Paris and I met when we were 2 years old. Our families are close, so we’ll always know one another’. That isn’t Nicole’s quote, but she’s basically saying, ‘I care for Paris simply because we’ve known one another for so long, but we’re not really friends.’ I mean, thats what I gathered from it.


Either way, Nicole looks great and I pray she is maintaining her health. The eating disorder rumors have begun to surface once again. However, they weren’t mentioned or addressed in the Marie Claire interview.

Beyonce Joins JayZ On Stage For 2nd Live Performance Of ‘Drunk In Love’


As celebrities are piled in New York City this weekend to partake in Super Bowl festivities, the weekend could not be sealed without a surprise appearance from Mr. and Mrs. Carter. Last night, BEYONCE and JAY Z took center stage at the DirecTV Super Saturday Night showcase. The event was held at NYC’s Pier 40.



I must say that I absolutely LOVE Beyonce’s look from last night. She was adorned in Loraine Schwartz jewelry, a chic, Tom Ford dress and the classic go to for women nowadays, Louboutin shoes.

The power couple performed their latest smash hit single, Drunk In Love. The performance appears to be a lot more energetic and lively than last weekend’s Grammy opener. It may be the fact that the crowd is so excited and thrilled to see Beyonce grace the stage. Whatever the reason, it looks as if patrons were treated to the perfect Super Bowl Weekend surprise.


Watch several amateur Video Captions below…

10 Essential Clothing Items That Every Guy Should Have In His Closet; Regardless Of Personal Style

While driving to work on a Friday morning, your mind is racing with thoughts of everything that must be completed on your weekend ‘to do’ list. You’ve committed yourself to attend a happy hour with your friends at six this evening, a co-worker’s wedding on Saturday and your goddaughter’s Christening on Sunday. There simply isn’t any time in your schedule to shop for an outfit to wear to each event. Besides, the moment your paycheck was directly deposited into your account, it was devoured by your rent, gas, electric, water and student loan companies. Aside from purchasing a small gift to give to your co-worker and goddaughter, there isn’t much money left over to buy new clothes. Frustration taps into your system. The reality is that everything you wear is either too casual to put on for a church ceremony, or too washed and rough dried to still appear presentable. You arrive to your job and park your car in the company lot. Walking towards your office, you realize that your seasonal bonus is being distributed by management before the next pay period. You vow to use the money to fill your closet and dresser drawers with new clothing; items that can be worn on various occasions. The essential question then becomes…


Every man has a personal style; whether trendy and contemporary, classic and conservative or grab it out of the hamper and toss-it-on chic.

While the modern man tends to place extra effort into piecing together his daily ensembles, there still exists a cluster of guys who simply, ‘get dressed’. Despite ones preference for the fit of their pants, brand of their shoes or specific cut of an oxford shirt, there are certain items that every man should have in his closet. Seasons change and temperatures fluctuate, but there are ten wardrobe essentials that will help any guy style himself appropriately for the various festivities and events that he attends throughout the year.

10. GRAY, BLACK or NAVY SWEATPANTS – Sweatpants tend to accentuate a guy’s sex appeal; whether he be masculine or feminine in nature. There’s just something alluring about the ways in which the cotton fibers cling or hang on the lower, male torso. Sweatpants can be worn to hide or display the ‘goodies’, all while providing comfort throughout a day. Aside from their physical attributes, sweatpants are also a very convenient garment. They can be thrown on over boxers or polyester shorts before a guy embarks upon his weekend errands, jogging session around the neighborhood or a late night stop at the gas station. Sweatpants are simply a casual addition to a guy’s wardrobe; one that ultimately serves the purpose of lounge and leisure wear.

9. A FITTED ALL-BLACK or ALL-WHITE TEE SHIRT – Tee shirts can provide versatility to a guy’s wardrobe when they are worn appropriately. The classic all black or all white tee has the potential to allow a man to easily change between his day and night events without appearing tacky. When the all black or all white tee is worn to fit the upper, male torso, the garment can be layered beneath unzipped jackets, unbuttoned blazers and various styles of sweaters. A fitted all-black or all-white tee is a classic wardrobe piece worn by many artists, models and other creative types. It’s clean and plain, but can be playful by throwing buttons, scarves and vintage necklaces on top. During the day, these basic tees can be tucked into pants and still present a very pristine, professional look. Then, during the evening hours, an all-black or all-white tee can serve as the bottom layer of a more elaborate and colorful ensemble. The piece can be worn in casual and classy settings for as long as it is fitted to the body and properly pressed.

8. BOTTLE OF COLOGNE, OIL OR BODY SPRAY – The way a guy smells can truly determine the lasting thoughts and ideas that are associated with his character. Most men don’t associate cologne with their wardrobe collection. However, the scent that lingers as a man passes by only intensifies or softens his physical appeal. Cologne, in my opinion, should match a dude’s personality. If he is a blunt, bold and abrasive type, his cologne should be just as strong and powerful; rich in wood and cedar fragrances. The hard and mossy smell of his cologne should match the lasting impression he often leaves on those who keep his company. Guys who tend to be a little more reserved, sensitive and calm usually appreciate scents that are deep in floral and oriental accents. Though colognes and body sprays smell differently on every man, his scent should compliment his personality and sense of style. The fragrance doesn’t have to be expensive or purchased at a high end, department store. However, no man should leave his house without spraying on a scent to accompany his natural, body chemistry.

7. KHAKI PANTS – Under most circumstances, I think that khaki pants are very dated and rather conservative. I haven’t worn a pair of khaki pants since I worked at the GAP during my senior year in high school. Most often, khaki’s are worn by Target employees and college, fraternity boys. However, khaki pants are yet another clothing item that can be traded between casual and professional events. The pant is sold in various shades and styles in order to be mixed and matched with a variety of other clothing items. A lot of guys pair their khaki’s with ‘button up shirts’, conventional polo’s and crew neck, knit sweaters. Khaki’s usually fit as comfortably as jeans, but are worn to add a studious, professional flare to an ensemble.

6. ALL BLACK SUIT/ALL BLACK BLAZER – Regardless of personal style, every guy is going to have to attend a wedding, funeral or corporate interview at some point in his life. The easiest outfit to put together for such affairs, is the classic, all black suit, or a pair of black dress pants paired with an all black blazer. The contemporary man will accentuate his all black suit with a bright colored shirt and/or a multi patterned tie. The vivid colors are then toned down by the top layer of the all black suit jacket or the perfectly tailored, all black blazer. The all black suit is essentially a neat, universally praised look for men of all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic groups.

5. A WATCH – A man who wears a watch is an individual who is also assumed to be organized, focused and cautious to how he invests his time. Sure, in our present day, most people rely on their cell phones to provide casual, daily reminders. However, a man who wears a watch somehow appears to be sophisticated and in charge of his routine. It suddenly becomes obvious that this guy has places to be and a schedule to follow. Aside from that, watches make for great accessories. A lot of guys don’t wear bracelets of any type. Therefore, the watch adds a special accent to their wrist. Since watches are now sold in various colors and styles, guys have the option of switching daily to compliment their outfits. However, every grown man should own a watch that he didn’t purchase from the Disney Store.

4. SOLID BLACK OR BROWN BELT – The solid black or brown belt can figuratively and literally tie an outfit together. This essential piece has the ability to add polish to a simple shirt and a regular pair of pants. Often times, a solid black or solid brown belt can make the ensemble neater or cleaner in appearance. Also, regardless of the other colors that are being worn, the solid black or brown belt easily matches everything a guy may have in his closet. However, I would not recommend that one wear a black belt with an all brown outfit, or vice versa. I personally HATE when people wear black and brown together.

3. SOLID BLACK OR BROWN SQUARED TOE DRESS SHOES – Nowadays, a lot of guys are wearing casual, black or brown boots in place of dress shoes. A casual boot or even a high-end, designer sneaker can ruin an otherwise, perfect, sophisticated look. While the ‘rugged black boot’ sells for some men, there really isn’t a substitute for a nice pair of squared toe dress shoes.  Squared toe shoes are very stylish and in demand amongst male driven markets for fashion. For those who don’t want to appear too fancy with the pointy, wing-tip designs, the square toe dress shoe is a great alternative. They can be worn on dates, in the office as well as in attendance of ceremonial events.

2. FITTED BLUE DENIM JEANS (Non-Skinny) – While I have grown to love skinny jeans over the past two or three years, its a style that has certainly become trendy amongst the present generation. Skinny nor loose fitting jeans should be worn on every occasion where denim is acceptable or appropriate attire. Every guy should own a pair of blue, denim jeans that sits directly on his waist and doesn’t hang any longer than his ankles. As we get older, the fit of our jeans determines how we are perceived in society and judged by onlookers. There will be events where khaki pants and slacks are considered ‘too dressy’ for the occasion. Guys should be able to pull out a pair of jeans that fits their body the same as their dress pants. These fitted, blue, denim jeans should also pair well with their shirts that are cut to fit their body frame. These jeans should exist in the wardrobe as the special pair we each own that isn’t slit, stitched or distressed in the knee and groin areas.

1. WHITE OR BLACK OXFORD SHIRT – Essential. There isn’t a man over the age of twenty-one who should not own a solid black or white oxford shit. This particular clothing item can be worn to dinners, holiday gatherings, interviews, fashion shows, cocktail parties, graduations and even club events. The plain white or black oxford shirt doesn’t have to be worn in a conventional fashion. The sexy, contemporary man will undo his tie and first four buttons after work and expose his chest at the bar. When an all white or black oxford shirt clings to the body, it looks clean, fresh and very contemporary. These tops can be worn by themselves, or added as a layer beneath a blazer, sweater or leather jacket of some sort. It’s a male wardrobe necessity.


Guys & Their Underwear: What The Style + Brand Says About Your Man


Over the past seven years, underwear have become an essential element in my wardrobe; a major part of my daily dress, comfort and style. Boxer Briefs have become my preference, as I love the way the fibers wrap tight around my thighs and cup the other golden areas that would otherwise hang wildly below my waist. For me, changing into the perfect pair of underwear between the bustle of my day and the anticipation of evening plans, can truly alter my mood. Underwear are no longer designed to simply make women feel sexy, desired and beautiful. The fashion industry has taken supreme notice of the contemporary man. No longer is the focus placed upon the fit or cut of his oxford shirt, sports coat and khaki pants. It’s what the modern man is wearing beneath his suit by day that has designers extending their undergarment brands. Men also want to feel good and attractive when slipping on their underwear to head into work, exercise, spend a night out with his significant other or enjoy casual plans with friends.

Men’s underwear have become a multi million dollar industry. A List, male celebrities are now being signed to contractually promote and market the latest, undergarment trends to the everyday, male consumer. I presently own more pairs of underwear than I do any other item of clothing. While some people stand in line for hours to purchase the latest pair of sneakers or boots, I stay online waiting for Calvin Klein and 2(x)ist to release their newest collections. As Ive gotten older and have become a lot more familiar with the male form, I’ve also noticed a difference in the types of underwear that certain guys purchase when compared to others. Some would argue that the type of clothing one wears serves as no reflection of that individual’s personality or demeanor. I feel differently. I believe that a lot can be determined by how a man grooms and styles himself to face the day. His selection of underwear is an extension of his internal qualities and can sometimes suggest his interests and ideas beyond the actual style or brand of underwear he chooses to wear.


The guy who buys his plain or paisley boxers, 5 in a pack for $7.99, often times could care less about fashion or style. In his mind, his underwear are meant to be worn under his baggy pants and rarely seen by anyone else. The ‘Plain Or Paisley Boxer Man’ doesn’t care about concealing or cupping his bulge. He is usually rough around the edges and prefers everything to be just as it is; swinging. This is reflected in his daily life. ‘The Plain Or Paisley Boxer Man’ usually goes along with the flow of life and allows the wind to blow him along his way.


The ‘Boxer Briefs Man’ tends to be a little modern and trendy. He certainly wore briefs as a little boy and plain, paisley boxers as a teenager. However, now that he has graduated into his adulthood, he likes for his clothing to represent his growth. He can be rather uptight and moody. The ‘Boxer Briefs Man’ enjoys a sense of security in his life and only closely associates with a select few. The ‘Boxer Briefs Man’ is usually very neat in his outer appearance, as well as the ways in which he keeps his home, car and other belongings. He enjoys stability, and is often active socially, professionally and romantically as well. He tends to be a serial dater. The ‘Boxer Brief Man’ isn’t always the most confident, but he presents himself with poise and decorum.


The ‘Briefs Man’ is very proud of his body; regardless of the cut, shape or form of his physique. He loves the way the style of his briefs hugs his waist and accentuates his upper thigh. He doesn’t care too much about the size of his bulge, for its the freedom of the tiny undergarment that matches his personality and overall aura. The ‘Briefs Man’ is usually a very free spirit. He is very eccentric, artistic, energetic, charismatic and the center of attention in social environments. The brief reflects his inhibitions. The ‘Briefs Man’ also usually has GREAT HYGIENE!


This guy is usually very conservative; the total opposite of the regular ‘Briefs Man’. The ‘Tighty Whitey Briefs Man’ eats at the same time everyday, drives the same direction to travel everywhere he has to be, plans every minute of his day and rarely deviates from his routine. The ‘Tighty Whitey Briefs Man’ is overly concerned with organization and structure. He may also be a bit socially awkward. The ‘Tighty Whitey Briefs Man’ is very nice and a great conversationalist. He has excellent credit, three college degrees and a slew of pets that he treats like his children. He’s dependable, friendly, supportive, but also sometimes boring. He’s a computer genius and an overall technology guru.


The ‘Thong/Bikini Man’ is usually exotic. He has traveled the world, compares and contrasts culture, speaks numerous languages and can find beauty in a garbage can. He is extremely attractive and takes great care of his physical body. The ‘Thong/Bikini Man’ is passionate about life and enjoys sharing his time surrounded by other people. He’s a lover of fine wine, world music, and historical art. The ‘Thong/Bikini Man’ loves to cook and can dance his little, muscle ass off. He easily captivates the attention of those who share in his company. This man is passionate in the bedroom and will leave a lasting impression on your heart, body and spirit.


The ‘Jockstrap Man’ either enjoys being dominated or he loves taking control. There’s rarely the existence of a middle ground. The ‘Jockstrap Man’ enjoys engaging in a lot of physical activity. He is active on the field and loves rough play behind closed doors as well. He is extremely loud, energetic, athletic, boastful and sure of what he wants life to present before him. The ‘Jockstrap Man’ rarely eats red meat and is constantly checking his calorie intake. He’s very health conscious and will scold those around him for not taking care of themselves properly. The ‘Jockstrap Man’ doesn’t believe in the frills; the glitz, glamour or black tie. His a minimalist in just about every aspect of his life. You take him as he is, for he’s very unapologetic.


This guy wears no underwear because once upon a time, someone he dated told him it was sexy. The ‘Commando Dude’ is extremely PROUD of his bulge and wants everyone who’s willing…to see it. This guy spends countless hours in the gym and posing in his bedroom mirror. He isn’t cocky or arrogant, surprisingly. However, he is very proud of his external qualities and enjoys receiving praise for them. The ‘Commando Dude’ has a very intense sex drive and will take advantage of every opportunity to ‘beat it up’. The ‘Commando Dude’ is a teddy bear beneath his exterior, but it’s not his heart he wants you cuddling.