Kendrick Lamar Joins Imagine Dragons On-Stage For SNL Performance Of ‘Radioactive’


I think everyone would agree that one of the stand out performances from the 2014 Grammy Award ceremony stems from Imagine Dragons ft. Kendrick Lamar. The artists commanded the stage in such a way that was entertaining and useful in breaking up the monotony of the extended music program. Usually, the Grammy committee pairs artists that have absolutely nothing in common musically. While the idea may often sound great in executive Grammy meetings, the execution often fails when the artists perform together live. Well, not only did Imagine Dragon and Kendrick Lamar sound great alongside one another, but I think each artist was able to receive proper exposure to the fans who are familiar with each, separate genre.

Last night, Imagine Dragon invited Kendrick Lamar to join them on the SNL stage for another mashup of their Radioactive single. The hot record was remixed to include Kendrick Lamar’s unique and underrated talent. I missed the performance last night, but was able to watch it this morning. It’s very impressive, and just as infectious as the delivery of the same song at the 2014 Grammy ceremony. Watch below if you also missed the segment…

Drake Headlines Revolt/Time Warner Cable Super Bowl Party – Performs ‘Trophies’ & ‘We Made It’


Last night in New York City, DRAKE joined the slew of other celebrities who are in town for the Super Bowl XLVIII festivities. Drake was invited to headline the Revolt/Time Warner Cable Super Bowl Party. The exclusive event was held in the cities famed Meat Packing District.

Drake had the crowd amped as he performed his latest cuts, ‘Tropies‘, as well as, ‘We Made It‘. The video footage isn’t spectacular, but the professional visuals obviously haven’t been released as of yet. I will try to add anything of high quality that turns up in the news feeds.

Xemmy’s Favorite Super Bowl Performance Of All Time: Britney Spears, N’Sync, Aerosmith, Nelly & Mary J. Blige

While many from this generation would argue that last year’s halftime show starring Beyonce was the best performance of our time, Id have to disagree. Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook already know how I feel about her recycled stage antics, repetitive ad libs, exact same melodies and routine choreography. It was indeed a classic, Beyonce performance, but one that we had seen fifty million times over the past ten years.


For me, the absolute best Super bowl halftime show was delivered by BRITNEY SPEARS, N’SYNC, AEROSMITH ft. STEVEN TYLER, MARY J. BLIGE and NELLY. In 2001, MTV produced the showcase during Super Bowl 35. Initially, the pairing of all of these different artists seemed as if it would turnout to be a disaster. However, each star managed to hold their own on stage while blending their sound with the other artists. 


I really LOVED this performance because it was filmed during a time when Britney Spears was ‘BRITNEY F*CKING SPEARS!’ She was bright eyed, toned, full of that spark and always ready to deliver a killer stage show. Justin Timberlake was preparing to part from N’Sync, so their music at the time was laced in a lot of urban beats. Aerosmith was riding high from their latest ballad release and Mary J. Blige was crossing over into mainstream recognition. I believe this Superbowl show happened during or immediately before the launch of Mary’s, ‘No More Drama’ era.


I really miss these types of performances, as now, the Super Bowl committee plays it very safe when selecting a featured star. I do believe that Bruno Mars will be entertaining tonight, but there honestly isn’t any real hype or anticipation surrounding his performance. So, for those of you who never saw the 2001 Super bowl halftime show, or for those who need a reminder of how incredible it was, tap into the visual below…

Beyonce Joins JayZ On Stage For 2nd Live Performance Of ‘Drunk In Love’


As celebrities are piled in New York City this weekend to partake in Super Bowl festivities, the weekend could not be sealed without a surprise appearance from Mr. and Mrs. Carter. Last night, BEYONCE and JAY Z took center stage at the DirecTV Super Saturday Night showcase. The event was held at NYC’s Pier 40.



I must say that I absolutely LOVE Beyonce’s look from last night. She was adorned in Loraine Schwartz jewelry, a chic, Tom Ford dress and the classic go to for women nowadays, Louboutin shoes.

The power couple performed their latest smash hit single, Drunk In Love. The performance appears to be a lot more energetic and lively than last weekend’s Grammy opener. It may be the fact that the crowd is so excited and thrilled to see Beyonce grace the stage. Whatever the reason, it looks as if patrons were treated to the perfect Super Bowl Weekend surprise.


Watch several amateur Video Captions below…