Zac Efron’s Entire Nude Scene In ‘That Awkward Moment’


ZAC EFRON‘S latest film, THAT AWKWARD MOMENT opened nationwide yesterday, January 31, 2014. THAT AWKWARD MOMENT is about three guys who agree to remain bachelors in support of their one friend who has recently found himself single. The plot follows each guy as they unexpectedly fall in love with different women, but attempt to keep their feelings a hidden secret from the other guys. Our favorite, MICHAEL B. JORDAN also stars alongside Zac Efron.

The movie has been receiving mixed reviews, as critics aren’t convinced that the ‘comedy’ in the film is fluid or cohesive. They’re basically saying that the movie only has its ‘moments’.


Well, for most of us, the MOMENT we’ve all been waiting to see is the two minute bathroom scene where Zac urinates completely naked while laying across his toilet. Over the past five or six months, the above posted photo is the only image we’ve seen online from the little, sexy scene. However, THANKS TO YOUR XEMMY, you can now watch the entire ‘moment’ below. And even though Zac’s cakes aren’t baked like I like them, they’re still really scrumptious. Right?

*grinch smile*

My Bae Loves My Body But Is Now Jealous Of My Relationship With The Gym


It’s 8:47 on a Saturday morning. The clanging of pots and chrome, frying pans hitting the surface of your kitchen counter have replaced your 9am alarm. A warm hint of maple syrup is wafting beneath your pillow case. As the scent of melted butter is willingly gushing from your heating vents, you also smell the juices of smoked bacon sizzling on the stove. You roll over to see that half of the bed is empty and crinkled with burgundy sheets. A dent from your boyfriend’s body has settled between the headboard and the white, down comforter that is now falling from the mattress.

You dash into the bathroom; flipping the lid of the toilet seat in just enough time to push down the front of your long john bottoms and piss. With your left hand plastered on the wall above your head, you use your right to avoid watering the floor and bath rugs. You breathe a sigh of relief while admiring the results of your bulging chest in the vanity mirror. Your boyfriend positions himself in the frame of the doorway. Smiling and excited to see you standing in all of your morning glory, he yells, ‘I made us breakfast! Come and sit down at the table!’ You glance at the hallway clock and see that it reads three minutes until 9 o’clock. With slight hesitation, you respond, ‘that sounds really great babe, but I’ve got to get to the gym.’ Pulling the waistband of your thermals towards him and wrapping his arms around you, he replies, ‘but I made your favorites; biscuits, bacon, french toast and scrambled eggs.’ You kiss his cheek before gripping his shoulders and gently pushing him to the side. ‘If you put everything on a paper plate for me, I promise that I’ll eat it all while Im in the car.’ There’s a beat of silence as you walk back towards the bedroom. ‘Forget it!’, he replies. Now walking into the distance, your boyfriend screams, ‘Im really getting sick and tired of you brushing me off everyday just to workout at that damn gym! Why can’t you just exercise here or skip the shit altogether?’  A glass shatters against the kitchen floor before your boyfriend yells out, ‘…and who in the hell are you working out with during all of these hours that you stay there?!

As to not ignite an argument, you silently sit on the side of the bed as your boyfriend continues to shout in the background.  Though a part of you contemplates staying home to eat the  breakfast that he prepared, you now feel that your entire Saturday morning will be filled with tension if you do.

It isn’t so uncommon that couples grow to loathe the same qualities and characteristics that once drew them to one another.  In the beginning stages of any romantic relationship, people sometimes become so consumed by the surface traits of their partners, that they aren’t bothered by the ‘minor setbacks’. These ‘minor setbacks’ eventually develop into larger conflicts as the needs of each individual intensifies. In the case of an individual who begins to despise the amount of time that their partner spends working out, it is so important that the individual not make their partner choose between the gym and maintaining the relationship. When people are made to feel that they have to surrender their personal interests for the sake of making their partner happy, in most cases, that person will begin to resent their partner. The relationship will quickly fail, as the individual who gave up their passions may no longer possess the same level of energy to fuel back into their partners life.

Compromise is the premiere problem solver in an instance where a couple is facing issues regarding GYM TIME vs. QUALITY TIME. While it’s very important that your ‘bae’ not try to force you into giving up all of the time and effort that you’ve invested into building your physical body, it’s also necessary that they not feel neglected. As a single man, it was convenient that you were able to spend seven mornings and seven evenings each week working out at the gym. However, now that you exist within the confines of a relationship, it’s only fair that some of that time also be dedicated to the one you love. Instead of dedicating every single day to exercising and weight training, try to double up your workout routine on certain days. If you’re use to spending two hours at the gym each day, try to push yourself through five, three hour days, and spend the other two each week engaged in couple activities. Not only are you building your stamina and maintaining your exercise regimen, you are also displaying a level of care and concern for your partner’s feelings.

Your bae didn’t initially mind the fact that you practically lived in the weight room when the two of you first began dating. Their life at the time didn’t require that you shower them with the same levels of attention or reassurance. You may want to invite your partner to join you during a few of your workout sessions. Allow them to share in your gym experience so they are able to see firsthand why it takes hours to achieve your physical goals. In some instances, your bae may be feeling insecure or uncomfortable with their own body. You investing increased amounts of time into sculpting yours may possibly make them feel that you’ll eventually seek someone who possesses that ‘perfect’ gym physique.

Also, you must wonder…IS YOUR BAE REALLY ‘JEALOUS’ OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE GYM, OR…have you made it a habit of canceling plans and pushing your partner on a back burner each time you want to squeeze in an extra workout or spend additional hours in the gym? Your boyfriend/girlfriend may not be as jealous of your relationship with the gym as they are upset that you seem to prefer being in the gym than upholding your word to spend time with them.

As we fall in love and begin quilting our feelings into the presence of someone special, anything that steals our focus away from the relationship can pose a threat. Don’t feel silly or guilty about these feelings. However, always remember that what we knowingly accept from our partners in the very beginning, should not be required to change simply because our doubts and insecurities begin to saturate our emotions. If you knew your partner was a gym bunny and health nut when the two of you met, understand that working out and maintaining their body is always going to be of priority in their life.

Your partners passion for being in the gym does not directly conflict with the love he shares for you.

The Sex Diet: 10 Foods That Can Improve Your Bedroom Prowess & Performance


One of the worst and most frustrating feelings is being engaged in an intimate moment with your partner and not being able to physically perform or satisfy their sexual needs. Your mind is saying, ‘YES’…and yet, your body isn’t responding. Just as an athlete must alter his or her diet to build and refine prowess on the field, we must actively prepare ourselves to ‘rise to the occasion’ in the bedroom.

Contrary to popular belief, the physical act of having sex does indeed exercise various parts of the human body. Just as with swimming, rowing, aerobics, and other cardio activities, engaging in sex regularly can require the same vigor and stamina as participating in hour long, gym sessions. As we begin to age however, sex can become physically uncomfortable and increasingly exhausting. In some cases, our bodies can no longer withstand the pressure and required strength to perform in certain positions over extended periods of time. The high levels of energy that once contributed to our amazing, sexual experiences begins to decrease. We lose interest in being physically intimate, our hormone levels decrease and sex just no longer exists in our lives as an enjoyable activity.

Meanwhile, there are various foods that contain a series of vitamins and other components that trigger several organs in the human body. Regardless of your age, gender or current sexual appetite, a slight change in your diet can certainly prepare your body and brain for intimate, bedroom activity.

Here are 10 FOODS that have been proven to improve your health for the optimal, sexual experience…

10) ALMONDS & NUTS – Before you bust one, try eating a few. Vital in the production of mens hormones, almonds help to release a bodily scent that is purported to arouse the passion in your partner. If you aren’t already aware, the foods we consume on a regular basis, contribute to our everyday scent. Once the smell of our soaps, lotions and colognes wear off, it’s the natural secretions from our pores that create an overall, body odor. Almonds, apparently mix well with male testosterone as it contributes to creating healthy amounts of it.

9) AVOCADOS – Not everyone can stand the flavor or texture of this central mexican fruit. However, it contains high levels of Folic Acid. Folic Acids are known to increase energy levels in males and females. The Vitamin B6 increases male hormone production, as the Potassium regulates a woman’s thyroid gland. As male hormone’s increase, most men easily fall into the mood of wanting to release the build up. This desire then results in a more intense, sex session.

8) CELERY – As this vegetable often makes for a great snack when dipped in peanut butter, celery shockingly contains an odorless hormone called Androsterone. While engaging in sexual activity, a man begins to perspire. The heat and physical exertion associated with sex forces men to release the Androsterone through his pores. The result is that his partner becomes more aroused by the allure of the moment.

7) GARLIC – Despite the fact that garlic makes the breath smell horrible, it contains a component called Allicin. This component increases blood flow to sexual organs; therefore allowing a man to maintain a stiffer erection. The more firm a man’s erection, the more intense the pleasure he is able to provide to his sexual partner. As he is able to remain hard for extended periods of time, his desire may heighten to try new and different bedroom tricks.

6) FIGS – Figs are a tender, plump and sweet fruit that resembles the female vagina. Figs are chewy and extremely popular in Europe. While they aren’t readily available in the US, figs are high in amino acids. These organic compounds then improve sexual stamina. The intensity of love-making sessions increases as sexual stamina improves amongst men. You or your man are also able to avoid premature ejaculations; therefore engaging your partner in extended, sexual stimulation.

5) OYSTERS – Many have always considered oysters as an aphrodisiac. This little shell fish is high in Zinc. Zinc is proven to raise a man’s sperm count, as well as his testosterone production. Quite a few doctor’s will suggest that men consume oysters during the period where their girlfriend/wife is wanting to conceive a child. The higher the male sperm count, the more likely his partner will become pregnant.

4) EGGS – Whether served fried, scrambled, boiled or raw, eggs are high in Vitamins B6 and B5. They are suggested to balance hormones in men and women; therefore fighting against stress. It is a known fact that most people lose their interest in engaging in sexual activity when their stress levels begin to overwhelm their personal or professional lives. As many individuals will subconsciously abstain from having sex during periods of high anxiety and frustration, the vitamins found in chicken eggs seem to help decrease stress levels. So, maybe adding an extra side of eggs to your Bob’s Big Boy breakfast will help you maintain focus in and outside of the bedroom.

3) BANANAS – Ironically shaped like the shaft of a male penis, bananas greatly contribute to the sexual health of most men. The Bromelain Enzyme that is found in bananas, helps men to avoid issues related to stamina-busting deficiency and clogged arteries that limit blood flow to the male sex organs. Some scientists even argue that bananas can help to reverse impotence in older men. If consumed regularly, bananas can increase the male appetite for sex; basically building his sex drive beyond physical combustion.

2) FATTY FISH – Salmon, one of my favorite weekly meals, is considered to be a ‘fatty fish’. Rich in DHA and EPA Acids, salmon and other fatty fish tend to raise Dopamaine levels within the brain. Dopamaine trigger’s arousal in humans; prompting immediate interest in the naked, human body. As arousal occurs within the male especially, regular consumption of fatty fish also provides higher quality semen to be released.

1) DARK CHOCOLATE – Despite how bad this sweet treat may be for the tummy and skin, the Alkaloid Theobrominee chemical found in chocolate is believed to ignite feelings of ‘being in love’. Eating dark chocolate ignites certain passions that then make the love-making experience more intense. This is WHY it’s so important that your partner consume their Valentine’s treats immediately after dinner. By the time you both arrive home from your special night out, the Alkaloid Theobrominee should be worked into your systems. There’s no need to even turn on the lights as you make your way through the front door. The two of you are ready to express your intense love for one another in the most physical way possible.


He Bottomed For His Ex BUT He Wont Do The Same For Me

Gay men who refuse to bottom for their partner are either emotionally unattached, psychologically fearful or physically turned off by the feeling of being penetrated. Contrary to popular belief, there exists a lot of homosexual men in the world who do not enjoy the act, feeling or idea of being penetrated. There are many same gender loving men who exist in committed, long term relationships where they do not allow themselves to be sexually submissive to their partners at all. In the beginning stages of a casual, gay male relationship, sexual roles and bedroom preferences are most often discussed or mutually understood during the initial dating process. However, as the relationship reaches beyond the honeymoon period and expectations are set for the duration of the relationship, many guys often assume that the sex life will simply take its own course. Naively, men enter into same sex relationships under the impression that their boyfriend will eventually ‘give in’ and begin to explore the acts that he proclaims he does not enjoy. Sometimes, the unsaid agreement of who will be the dominant, sexual partner versus who will be more submissive is established during the first few acts of intercourse. As the more submissive partner begins feeling bored with playing the same role over a prolonged period of time, he desires to engage in a deeper level of sexual activity with his man. He starts wanting to explore his man’s body from a dominant position. His ‘man’ expresses very strong feelings about what he won’t allow in the bedroom and what he refuses to do with his body. The subject is brought up in various conversations that usually turns into arguments and intense shouting matches. The couple begins having sex less and less, as the tension that exists between them intensifies. The pair begin to ignore and eventually lose their intimacy. In due part to the fact that neither guy ever ignited a serious, in depth conversation about past experiences and present desires, the couple faces losing their relationship as a result of their declining sex life.

A guy who has bottomed previously, but refuses to do the same in his current relationship is someone who was emotionally attached to his ex boyfriend. The connection he felt with his previous partner extended beyond the conventions of a cute, school boy crush. In many circumstances, the guy he was involved with was older, provided financially for the household and was most often your current’s ‘first love’. When a guy feels an intense, emotional attachment to another man, he is willing to do anything possible to please that man. Sometimes, he will make decisions against his better judgement or preference in order to maintain order in his relationship. Surrendering his body to his ex lover was more about the willingness to satisfy his man’s desires than it was the act of allowing his man to penetrate him. Guy’s who don’t usually bottom, must feel that their partner truly loves and appreciates them in order to give up that part of themselves. To endure the physical pain of being sexually submissive, a man wants to know that he won’t have to also endure the pain of losing his relationship. If your man is refusing to bottom for you right now, he may not be emotionally ready to handle the ways in which his feelings intensify following the act. As a way of trying to stay in control of his heart, your dude may simply want to wait until he feels the relationship is secure. Even if the two of you have been together for six months or a year, for him, that period of time may still seem short lived. Allow him to feel emotionally comfortable with being submissive to you. Otherwise, the actual act will be an unpleasant experience for both partners.

Psychologically, some guys fear the social stigma’s, personal shame and romantic responsibilities that come along with acting as the bottom in their relationships. In due part to the fact that he bottomed for his ex, his mind races around the fact that other people in the world know he allowed a man to climb his back. He assumes that his ex’s friends and associates consider him to be a weak man for playing a submissive role in the bedroom. Since he can’t change what he has done in his sexual past, his refusal to bottom in his current relationship is a part of his psychological method of controlling the present. Regardless of sexual orientation, men fear being looked down upon or ridiculed by other men. Your boyfriend is fearful of other people knowing or finding out that he ‘surrendered his manhood’. Though being penetrated has nothing to do with strength or masculinity, many gay men measure sexual submissive behavior as being less than ‘manly’. Socially, your boyfriend needs to still feel dominant and in charge of the relationship. The moment he throws his legs in the air for you, he is thinking that he’s also throwing away his power. These thoughts then manifest into a deep rooted shame. Your boyfriend more than likely feels that it is his responsibility to lead the relationship, romantically. If he is then being sexually submissive, psychologically he’s thinking that he is giving up that lead role. Previously, his ex may have held that lead position, therefore forcing your boyfriend to follow. Alongside his ex, he never contemplated all of these thoughts until after the relationship was over. You are simply having to suffer the affects of his psychological warfare.

Physically, your guy may honestly hate the discomforts of being sexually submissive. Not every gay man enjoys the hard, piercing, intense feeling of being penetrated. However, in the confines of a solid, healthy, relationship, I do believe that the more dominant male should compromise. He should be open to the idea of receiving anal pleasure, orally. He should also allow his partner to explore certain areas of his body through touch and the act of massage. Physically bottoming doesn’t simply have to include the act of penetration. There are ways to be sexually submissive and bottom, without having to endure physical pain. If your boyfriend is truly turned off by the feeling of conventionally bottoming, help him get comfortable with you exploring his buttocks in a less intense manner. One of the easiest and most effective ways of accomplishing this goal is to bathe him in the tub or in the shower. If you first give his preferred body parts plenty of attention, he’s more willing to allow you to play with the others. Once he becomes use to you touching him everywhere, he will eventually feel comfortable as you begin using your teeth, lips, fingers and other body parts to explore his bottom region.

If he bottomed for his ex, but refuses to do the same for you, take the time to figure out his reasons. As oppose to getting frustrated and fussing about the issue, have discussions about his past experiences being sexually submissive. As he shares certain stories, try to make sense of what he is telling you. Guys often give us all of the information we need in order to understand what he’s thinking, how he’s feeling or what is bothering him above all else. We simply need to LISTEN! If you know your man well, you will grasp his point of view.

Usually, the fact that he won’t bottom for you has MORE to do with him and his own internal struggles.



Muscles Don’t Make Him Masculine: Unmasking The Insecurities

We live in a very hyper masculine society; framed by the popular, physical images of ‘real men’  delivering a specific gender language. Men, according to the social norm, are to present themselves in such a way that is void of any personal inadequacy. He is to celebrate his masculinity through an exaggerated set of activities. These activities often become daily rituals that are subconsciously designed to keep others from considering him a sissy, slightly feminine or weak. Some guys put forth these frenzied efforts to create a hedge against being revealed as feminine or soft, while most others do so in fear of being humiliated or dominated by other men.

From a very early age, young boys are taught to have contempt for their peers who aren’t star athletes on the playground or after school, football field. As teenagers, males begin engaging in ‘masculine performance’. Many join sports teams, lie about their sexual conquests, dress in such a way to mirror the trends of their male role models, and make fun of those who he feels don’t measure up. These guys engage in catcalling and escalating acts of violence when in a group setting alongside their male counterparts. As guys grow into their manhood, this masculine performance is exercised in the weight room. While attempting to prove himself to his father, coach, boss, peers, co-workers and friends, men tend to build a physical shield around their insecurities.


A lot of men who grew up feeling physically unattractive, socially unaccepted or personally inadequate, hide those insecurities behind a hard and chiseled exterior. Building muscles becomes their way of controlling the ways in which they are perceived as a normal member of masculine society. Very few males actually workout and build their bodies for health and wellness reasons. The large majority do so in fear that they will be unmasked, emasculated and labeled as not being a ‘real man’. Having muscles is yet another way for these guys to overcompensate for the fact that they were not loved by their fathers, noticed by their peers and more than likely, did not appeal to the opposite or same sex. The more they workout and build muscle mass, the more these guys begin to feel in control of their everyday lives.


My life experience over the past twelve years has revealed quite a bit. As I have met men of every socio-economic standing, as well as those who are considered conventionally attractive, I find that many of them have a very low, self esteem. The individuals who many of us would assume are extremely confident and sure of themselves, tend to feel extremely unsuccessful and unattractive as well. As society teaches us that masculinity is created by a sense of strength, power and conquest, I find that these individuals tend to subconsciously compensate.

By social standards, in order to fit the accepted mold of masculinity, one must remain in control of their physical, social, emotional and mental self. Masculine men are considered to be tall and bulky. They do not display emotion unless it is of anger or upset. Masculine men are always in control of their finances, family structure and immediate environment. Having the ‘look’ of being powerful by maintaining muscles and a toned body, easily fills the check boxes of the masculine expectation.

The gym then becomes a place where these guys feel they can prove themselves beyond their feelings of fear. Lifting weights for hours at a time and then wearing the results publicly gives insecure men a sense of power. This power is perceived as strength by onlookers and therefore solidifies the concept of masculinity.

Masculinity is not defined by the existence of male physiques. The circumferences of a man’s chest, neck, thighs, forearms and calf muscles has nothing to do with manhood. Instead, it further perpetuates a sense of inadequacy amongst young boys who grow up to maybe not resemble their action figures and media heroes. Masculinity isn’t the result of being able to sexually perform at a moments notice, having a large penis, big  bank accounts, a love for sports and the ability to conquer a lion. It is more about maintaining a strong sense of self awareness in the male form.


Do not confuse ones muscles with a fleeting sense of masculinity. A man’s exterior can be very misleading, especially once you get to know his character beyond the chiseled body.

Paco Rabanne’s Sensual Smell Of Summer

The summer season presents long days filled with intense temperatures and sweltering heat. Men tend to sweat a lot more often in-between their morning workouts, afternoon lunches and possibly a nighttime rendezvous. Men need to be able to spray on a scent in the AM that’s going to mix well with their changing body chemistry and last throughout the PM hours. Since the summer air is usually thick in humidity and heavy with sticky conditions, men should wear a fragrance that is light. Many guys have been socially trained to wear colognes that are rather woody and deep with notes of cardamom. Men seem to think that the heavier or spicier the scent, the more masculine they smell.

This is 2012 and contemporary statements of masculinity no longer dictate a universal ‘type of scent’ for the modern man.

Recently, I visited Sephora to stock up on new colognes that I could splash on and wear throughout this hot and sultry season. I sampled Dolce & Gabbana’s, THE ONE, Givenchy’s, PLAY and Calvin Klein’s, ETERNITY AQUA. Somehow, each smell seemed very familiar to me. These fairly new fragrances either reminded me of a cologne that I presently own or one that I smelled in the store previously, loved and later grew tired of wearing. I was specifically looking for a light scent that was masculine in its dominate notes, but that also had a concentration of perfume essence. In high school, I strictly interchanged between JOOP Homme or Davidoff’s, COOL WATER. Occasionally, I dig to the back of my cologne collection  and spray on the last few drops that are left in each bottle. Each time I do, I receive amazing compliments from both women and other men as well.

While shopping in Sephora, I noticed a new display that was set up inside of the store. The featured cologne, 1 MILLION by PACO RABANNE was arranged at the front of the men’s cologne selection. The golden wrapping appeared a bit gaudy at first glance, but it seemed that only a few packaged bottles of the scent were left to be sold. I picked up the 1.7 fluid ounce sample and sprayed a little on both of my wrists. I never rely on how colognes smell when sprayed on the accompanying product cards. For men especially, scents smell differently depending upon our body chemistry and testosterone levels.

The smell of 1 MILLION began to settle into my skin as I continued to shop Sephora’s cologne collection. I immediately fell in love with it. Usually, its difficult for me to smell new colognes on my own body, but this one had a very unique and airy scent. The harmony of the cologne was very reminiscent of my high school favorites, JOOP and COOL WATER. As I’ve now been wearing 1 MILLION since the first week in June, I notice that the scent lasts throughout my entire day. The smell begins invitingly with a mix of grapefruit, mint and blood mandarin. The middle notes of 1 MILLION are composed of rose absolute and cinnamon, as the finishing notes are ultimate velvet leather, white wood and Indonesian patchouli. 

What I most love and appreciate about PACO RABANNE’S, 1 MILLION is that the cologne isn’t too masculine or too feminine.

1 MILLION is a cologne that can be worn to the office, during a workout, dinner or to the club. The blend of vanilla that exists within the notes of the cologne gives it a fresh, clean fragrance. 1 MILLION isn’t overpowering and it lingers enough to be inviting to both sexes.

I highly recommend that either you purchase 1 MILLION for your man this summer or you stop through Sephora to pick up a bottle for yourself. It retails for $54.00 to purchase the 1.7 fluid ounce and $75.00 for the 3.4 larger bottle.