Kellan Lutz Bares His Beefy Chest & BiCeps In The March 2014 Issue Of Mens Health UK Magazine


KELLAN LUTZ easily exists as one of the most attractive, young leading men in Hollywood. Only starring as the supporting character of Emmett Cullen in the cult Twilight series, Kellan has now stepped forward to prove that he’s worthy of the spotlight.


28 year old, Kellan Lutz is featured in the March 2014 issue of the MENS HEALTH UK Magazine. We not only get to see him photographed bare chested and bursting at the seams of his tiny, grey tee, but Kellan also reveals pieces of his workout regime. As someone who has been working out consistently over the past 15 months, I know how dedicated one has to be in order to build and reshape their body. It’s a lot of hard work, and certainly takes a great deal of dedication. Kellan gained a lot of weight and muscle to play this role.


Since Kellan was tapped to star as the alpha male character of Hercules, he had to beef up even larger than he was throughout the filming of the Twilight saga. The film sees Hercules destined to fight his evil father King Amphitryon (Scott Adkins) who grows mad with power, conquering city-states and waging war.

In staying in shape to fill the demands of the role, Kellan stated…

‘Staying upright on a horse is hard on your abs, and swinging a sword really hits your core as well as your arms.’ He adds that while he’s not a fan of running, he also burns fat with bodyweight moves as well as gym sets. In regards to his eating habits, Kellan has followed the Paleo Caveman diet, which eliminates refined sugar, dairy products, legumes and grains.


Even though HERCULES has been panned by critics everywhere, WATCH the trailer below to see what you have to look forward to once the movie hits DVD in a month or so…