Ashanti’s Super Bowl Weekend Appearances In NYC

Celebs attend ESPN The Party Pre Super Bowl Party

As her fans patiently await the arrival of her serially delayed Bravehart album, ASHANTI continues to simply make red carpet appearances at all of the celebrity packed events. Last week Ashanti showed up to the Grammy festivities, and this weekend she walked the carpet at several Pre Super bowl events.


Ashanti looked great, in my opinion, as she attended parties hosted by ESPN, as well as DirecTV. I’m not one to ever defend Ashanti’s vocals, performances or chart success. However, I have always been one of the first amongst my friends and associates to state the fact that Ashanti is ALWAYS done.


Whenever you see Ashanti at an event, awards show, premiere or red carpet affair, she is put together flawlessly. Her hair, makeup, shoes, bags and ensembles always flatter her toned body. Ashanti just seems to take great pride in how she presents herself, publicly. That’s more than we can say for many urban and pop, female artists.


Im just hoping that Ashanti attaches herself to a concrete record company and/or reputable management team. Though she claims to be releasing a music video to accompany her ‘I Got It’ single, Im not so sure that visual will see the light of day. It must be difficult for her at this point in time as she is controlling every aspect of her music career.

Toddlewood Recreates The 2014 Grammy Red Carpet Looks For Pharrell, Miguel, Katy Perry, Madonna, Robin Thicke & John Legend


I’ve always thought that this is a really adorable idea. Each year, the Toddlewood company gathers a group of toddlers and pre-teens to recreate the red carpet looks of some of our favorite celebs. From Madonna and Taylor Swift, to Pharrell and Robin Thicke, Toddlewood brands itself as being ‘a creative world for the young & fabulous’.


The company mirrors the looks worn by certain stars as they attend the Golden Globes, Oscars and other industry award showcases.


Once again this year, Toddlewood has recreated some of the looks that adorned the Grammy 2014 red carpet last Sunday. Photographed by Tricia Messeroux, the group of young stars were made to look almost identical to the celebs they chose to emulate. Of course, my favorite is Pharrell. The hat he wore during the Grammy ceremony became the fashion focus of the evening. There was even a Twitter account made to poke fun at the stand out accessory. I looked hard for the Beyonce & JayZ toddler pair, but could not find a photograph.


Meanwhile, enjoy the replicated, Grammy moments. I think that every image is the cutest, ever…