Xemmy Dances To ‘Gust Of Wind': Pharrell ft. Daft Punk



Everyone has clearly been talking about the latest music to be lifted from Pharrell’s forthcoming, sophomore album, GIRL. I began streaming the ten track release late last night once iTunes made the songs available for early listen. My favorite from the project so far is the Daft Punk collabo, GUST OF WIND. Those of you who follow me faithfully via Twitter and Facebook already know that the track has been on constant replay for the past 18 hours or so.

Earlier today, as I was preparing to head out, I decided to record myself dancing to the song. However, the AUDIO and VISUAL are not synced properly. As I have now discovered, many other consumers have also experienced this exact issue while recording directly from their MACS; utilizing the iMovie software. I was initially going to scrap the idea of sharing the video publicly, but since it was done in fun, Ive elected to post it for you.

I LOVE THIS RECORD SO MUCH and I sooo can not wait until the entire album hits shelves next Tuesday, March 3, 2014.


Pharrell Lost The Copyright Lawsuit For ‘Blurred Lines’. Will He Lose This New Plagiarism Accusation For ‘Cant Rely On You’?


Many individuals aren’t aware of this, but Pharrell actually lost the copyright lawsuit that was brought against him by Marvin Gaye’s estate. As Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ single became the song of the summer, Marvin Gaye’s family accused Pharrell, the producer of the single, of using pieces of Gaye’s 1977 record, ‘Got To Give It Up’. Pharrell publicly denied the accusation, but still elected to financially settle with Marvin Gaye’s estate.


Now, ALEX KAPRANOS, the frontman for rockers, ‘Franz Ferdinand’ is also accusing Pharrell of plagiarism. Kapranos is claiming that Pharrell stole the riff from his band’s 2004 smash hit record, ‘Take Me Out‘.


Pharrell recently worked with an English singer by the name of PALOMA FAITH. He produced a song for her called, ‘Cant Rely On You’. This past week, following all of Pharrell’s accolades and wins at the 2014 Grammy Awards, Kapranos publicly stated that Pharrell ripped off his band to create the beat for Paloma’s track.

Now, I have listened to both songs. It’s only beginning at the 1 minute mark where the Franz Ferdinand song drops the central rhythm in their track. I must admit that once you listen to Paloma’s song closely, you can hear where Pharrell MAY have sped up the riff to create a layer of ‘Cant Rely On You’. However, the main sounds you hear in Paloma’s record are created from drum beats. Ferdinand’s, ‘Take Me Out’ relies heavily on the guitars.



Alex Kapranos merely made mention of this infringement via Twitter. Pharrell, of course, did not reply to the social media blast and there’s no talk whether or not Kapranos has filed an official lawsuit. Regardless of the outcome, there is no denying the timeless, unyielding talents and artistic drive that fuels MY Pharrell.

Toddlewood Recreates The 2014 Grammy Red Carpet Looks For Pharrell, Miguel, Katy Perry, Madonna, Robin Thicke & John Legend


I’ve always thought that this is a really adorable idea. Each year, the Toddlewood company gathers a group of toddlers and pre-teens to recreate the red carpet looks of some of our favorite celebs. From Madonna and Taylor Swift, to Pharrell and Robin Thicke, Toddlewood brands itself as being ‘a creative world for the young & fabulous’.


The company mirrors the looks worn by certain stars as they attend the Golden Globes, Oscars and other industry award showcases.


Once again this year, Toddlewood has recreated some of the looks that adorned the Grammy 2014 red carpet last Sunday. Photographed by Tricia Messeroux, the group of young stars were made to look almost identical to the celebs they chose to emulate. Of course, my favorite is Pharrell. The hat he wore during the Grammy ceremony became the fashion focus of the evening. There was even a Twitter account made to poke fun at the stand out accessory. I looked hard for the Beyonce & JayZ toddler pair, but could not find a photograph.


Meanwhile, enjoy the replicated, Grammy moments. I think that every image is the cutest, ever…