The Sex Diet: 10 Foods That Can Improve Your Bedroom Prowess & Performance


One of the worst and most frustrating feelings is being engaged in an intimate moment with your partner and not being able to physically perform or satisfy their sexual needs. Your mind is saying, ‘YES’…and yet, your body isn’t responding. Just as an athlete must alter his or her diet to build and refine prowess on the field, we must actively prepare ourselves to ‘rise to the occasion’ in the bedroom.

Contrary to popular belief, the physical act of having sex does indeed exercise various parts of the human body. Just as with swimming, rowing, aerobics, and other cardio activities, engaging in sex regularly can require the same vigor and stamina as participating in hour long, gym sessions. As we begin to age however, sex can become physically uncomfortable and increasingly exhausting. In some cases, our bodies can no longer withstand the pressure and required strength to perform in certain positions over extended periods of time. The high levels of energy that once contributed to our amazing, sexual experiences begins to decrease. We lose interest in being physically intimate, our hormone levels decrease and sex just no longer exists in our lives as an enjoyable activity.

Meanwhile, there are various foods that contain a series of vitamins and other components that trigger several organs in the human body. Regardless of your age, gender or current sexual appetite, a slight change in your diet can certainly prepare your body and brain for intimate, bedroom activity.

Here are 10 FOODS that have been proven to improve your health for the optimal, sexual experience…

10) ALMONDS & NUTS – Before you bust one, try eating a few. Vital in the production of mens hormones, almonds help to release a bodily scent that is purported to arouse the passion in your partner. If you aren’t already aware, the foods we consume on a regular basis, contribute to our everyday scent. Once the smell of our soaps, lotions and colognes wear off, it’s the natural secretions from our pores that create an overall, body odor. Almonds, apparently mix well with male testosterone as it contributes to creating healthy amounts of it.

9) AVOCADOS – Not everyone can stand the flavor or texture of this central mexican fruit. However, it contains high levels of Folic Acid. Folic Acids are known to increase energy levels in males and females. The Vitamin B6 increases male hormone production, as the Potassium regulates a woman’s thyroid gland. As male hormone’s increase, most men easily fall into the mood of wanting to release the build up. This desire then results in a more intense, sex session.

8) CELERY – As this vegetable often makes for a great snack when dipped in peanut butter, celery shockingly contains an odorless hormone called Androsterone. While engaging in sexual activity, a man begins to perspire. The heat and physical exertion associated with sex forces men to release the Androsterone through his pores. The result is that his partner becomes more aroused by the allure of the moment.

7) GARLIC – Despite the fact that garlic makes the breath smell horrible, it contains a component called Allicin. This component increases blood flow to sexual organs; therefore allowing a man to maintain a stiffer erection. The more firm a man’s erection, the more intense the pleasure he is able to provide to his sexual partner. As he is able to remain hard for extended periods of time, his desire may heighten to try new and different bedroom tricks.

6) FIGS – Figs are a tender, plump and sweet fruit that resembles the female vagina. Figs are chewy and extremely popular in Europe. While they aren’t readily available in the US, figs are high in amino acids. These organic compounds then improve sexual stamina. The intensity of love-making sessions increases as sexual stamina improves amongst men. You or your man are also able to avoid premature ejaculations; therefore engaging your partner in extended, sexual stimulation.

5) OYSTERS – Many have always considered oysters as an aphrodisiac. This little shell fish is high in Zinc. Zinc is proven to raise a man’s sperm count, as well as his testosterone production. Quite a few doctor’s will suggest that men consume oysters during the period where their girlfriend/wife is wanting to conceive a child. The higher the male sperm count, the more likely his partner will become pregnant.

4) EGGS – Whether served fried, scrambled, boiled or raw, eggs are high in Vitamins B6 and B5. They are suggested to balance hormones in men and women; therefore fighting against stress. It is a known fact that most people lose their interest in engaging in sexual activity when their stress levels begin to overwhelm their personal or professional lives. As many individuals will subconsciously abstain from having sex during periods of high anxiety and frustration, the vitamins found in chicken eggs seem to help decrease stress levels. So, maybe adding an extra side of eggs to your Bob’s Big Boy breakfast will help you maintain focus in and outside of the bedroom.

3) BANANAS – Ironically shaped like the shaft of a male penis, bananas greatly contribute to the sexual health of most men. The Bromelain Enzyme that is found in bananas, helps men to avoid issues related to stamina-busting deficiency and clogged arteries that limit blood flow to the male sex organs. Some scientists even argue that bananas can help to reverse impotence in older men. If consumed regularly, bananas can increase the male appetite for sex; basically building his sex drive beyond physical combustion.

2) FATTY FISH – Salmon, one of my favorite weekly meals, is considered to be a ‘fatty fish’. Rich in DHA and EPA Acids, salmon and other fatty fish tend to raise Dopamaine levels within the brain. Dopamaine trigger’s arousal in humans; prompting immediate interest in the naked, human body. As arousal occurs within the male especially, regular consumption of fatty fish also provides higher quality semen to be released.

1) DARK CHOCOLATE – Despite how bad this sweet treat may be for the tummy and skin, the Alkaloid Theobrominee chemical found in chocolate is believed to ignite feelings of ‘being in love’. Eating dark chocolate ignites certain passions that then make the love-making experience more intense. This is WHY it’s so important that your partner consume their Valentine’s treats immediately after dinner. By the time you both arrive home from your special night out, the Alkaloid Theobrominee should be worked into your systems. There’s no need to even turn on the lights as you make your way through the front door. The two of you are ready to express your intense love for one another in the most physical way possible.


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