VIDEOS: Xem VanAdams Guests On Two Episodes Of ADTV With Derrick L. Briggs

In early March, 2013, my media brother, Derrick L. Briggs, invited me to join him on the set of ADTV. Created to provide a platform for gay men of color to address and engage in everyday, human issues, ADTV has become a staple series amongst the LGBT community. Created by Derrick L. Briggs in 2007, ADTV has consistently presented topics that affect the intimate, social and political climate for a group of individuals who have otherwise been marginalized by society at large.

I was extremely excited to accept Derrick’s offer to discuss an issue that has played a very significant role in my online, media journey, as well as his. We decided to address the unbalanced imagery of black, gay men in mainstream media for an episode of the ‘ADTV Gentlemen’ spin-off. The video was released via the ADTV Youtube Channel in April, 2013, and has already ignited a much needed conversation amongst our brothers and sisters, alike. The video was also then picked up and posted by a contributing writer of Huffington Post.

I encourage you to watch the 15 minute segment. Think about some of the opinions and ideas that Derrick and I share between one another on camera. DO YOU AGREE WITH OUR MAIN FOCUS?


Also, once we wrapped production on ‘ADTV Gentleman’, Derrick decided to include me in his ever so popular, ‘Rapid Fire’ series. Derrick sits alongside his chosen guests, and rapidly fires questions pertaining to sex, love, relationships, personal likes and other, quick favorites. The segment was extremely fun, as it allowed me an opportunity to simply let go of my inhibitions, and be free with the responses, while still being brutally candid and direct.


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