Xem VanAdams Makes A Special Announcement


Beginning tomorrow, February 1, 2014, XemSays.com will be updated with new content on a daily basis, seven days a week. My website has finally been approved for monetizing and AD placement, as I’ve also enabled the same for the majority of my Youtube videos. When you now visit my site, as well as my Youtube Channel, you’ll see advertisements displayed alongside the content. We have also added a few new features here on XemSays.com that allows you to immediately share my posts via your social media networks, as well as filtering through articles associated with present content. Both features are highlighted beneath the individual posts.

Certain individuals in my life have been encouraging me to utilize my online reach as we continue working towards ‘the next level’; nationally distributed, media programming. The fact that 9,800 individuals have watched ‘My Boyfriend Is The Bait’ in the last two weeks, and 12,120 individuals have read and/or listened to ‘Boi Inv sible: No Miracle On Monday’ since its December, 2013 release, says a lot about the loyalty that stems from my audience. I have worked extremely hard since 8/8/2008 to create and release material that both educates and entertains my viewers, readers and overall supporters.

I will be posting photos, articles, commentary and critiques associated with music, movies, men, love, relationships and other social issues, daily. If you’ve noticed, over the past few weeks, I’ve posted pictures & video clips via Twitter and Facebook that are related to pop culture. I wanted to see if my audience would click the links and embrace the material, even though it has been 3 years since I’ve included celebrities as a part of my online platform. The numbers don’t lie. You all are clicking in the thousands, and its time for me to once again profit from everything I’ve been doing online over the past six years.

To be 100% honest, I am very nervous and afraid of taking this step again. This is a HUGE commitment, as consistency has always been my downfall. I stopped posting daily content in February 2011 via XemVanAdams.com. However, it is time that I continue investing in what it is that comes naturally to me. I have a voice and a platform that many individuals believe in and support. In life, we sometimes have to create our own opportunities by using the tools and resources that are already accessible. I’m giving it another try.

I encourage you to continue supporting ‘Xem VanAdams’ by visiting XemSays.com daily beginning February 1, 2014. All of the links will be posted via twitter.com/XemVanAdams, facebook.com/xem.vanadams and facebook.com/xemvanadamsxva. Then, occasionally, BIG STORIES will be promoted with visuals via instagram.com/XemSays.

If you would like me to post or promote your products, projects, music, web series and events via XemSays.com, please EMAIL ME at XemVanAdams@gmail.com to receive weekly and monthly rate information. Place ‘ADVERTISEMENT INQUIRY’ in your subject line. I am also able to post or promote your products, projects, music, web series or events on my social media pages for smaller, daily rates. Everything I post and share publicly is seen by thousands of other people, so the financial investment is certainly beneficial to you and your associated team.

I AM Looking and Moving FORWARD…

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