Fem Queen Vogue Star: Katrina Ebony


Many of you who have followed my online platform over the past 6 years, are well aware of the fact that I am a major supporter of the Ballroom community. I began studying about houses and ballroom culture in my senior year of college after my senior thesis film professor introduced me to Jennie Livingston’s ‘Paris Is Burning’. I attended my first MAJOR ball in Baltimore, MD during the summer after I graduated from college. I have enjoyed the scene ever since. In the past ten years that I have attended balls in DC, New York and Atlanta, I have always been fascinated by the Fem Queens (transgender women). Im very much intrigued by their stunning beauty, curves, femininity and overall, eccentric nature.

In 2013, KATRINA EBONY truly began to transition and evolve into her womanhood. Her status amongst the ballroom circuit has skyrocketed as her fem queen vogue performances have stunned audiences across the country. Katrina is considered to be one of the fairly ‘new girls’. However, her performances are quickly being hailed by ballroom Legends and Icons as the new standard. Katrina’s confidence and poise on the ballroom floor gives her a certain ‘IT’ factor above her contemporaries. She vogues soft and dramatic when the moment calls. Lately, whenever Im surfing through the amazing videos filmed by Ceasar of BallroomThrowbacks, Im zoned into the new clips that surface of Katrina.


EVERYONE seems to be well versed in the art and performance of Mother Leyomi Prodigy. However, there are indeed other talented ladies on the scene who are putting the crowds on notice. Get into Miss. Katrina Ebony, below…

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