Losing Your Belly Fat Without Exercising

The summer has been a scorcher thus far here on the East Coast. It’s miserable. We escaped a tumultuous winter filled with snow storms and sheer cold blizzards. However, the sweltering temperatures that we’ve experienced since June 20th have made it difficult to even breathe some days. Not only is it tough trying to keep clothes on inside of the house, but its almost impossible to be comfortable walking around outside in shorts, flip flops and a shirt. For people who have slaved away in the gym for the past six months, this time of year is an oasis. They can proudly bask under the flames of the sun; topless and stunning in the glory of their toned bodies and flat bellies.

Anyone who knows me well, is aware of the fact that I hate exercising. I loathe the idea of going into a gym and preparing to undergo a 30-60 minute workout. Im not a lazy individual, but when it comes to building, shaping and molding my body, I’ve rarely been motivated to do the physical work. I’ve reached the point in my life where my metabolism has certainly slowed down. It’s no longer easy for me to eat what I want, whenever I want and not suffer for it in the belly region. My father has a black belt in Taekwondo, and has been physically training his body since he entered the military at the age of nineteen. He and I have trained together sporadically over the years. However, his drill sergeant tactics make it extremely difficult for me to want to maintain a regular workout schedule or routine. My body gets sore in places that I never realized I used. My energy decreases, as I become increasingly tired. I start thinking about all of the other tasks I could be completing during the hour that Im exercising. Then, I begin to make excuses as to why I don’t need to workout or build my body.

Though I’m 5’8 and only weigh 156 pounds, my body isn’t toned. My arms are flabby. I have tiny rolls on the sides of my stomach. My chest sags if Im not standing upright and intentionally poking it out. I have a nice pair of thighs, but my stomach truly is a problem area for me. I have spent the past two summers trying to figure out how I can avoid working out, without being a total disgust to myself when standing naked in the mirror. I’ve talked to quite a few individuals who are very health conscious, as I try to control my belly fat through lifestyle choices.




Fill your plate with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A diet rich in plant-based foods will help you lose belly fat. The dietary fiber will fill your stomach without causing you to eat more calories than you can burn. Also, please take note that WHOLE GRAINS in particular contain chromium and magnesium. Those ingredients help combat weight gain hormones more than any other chemicals.




The rule about eating ‘3 Healthy Meals Each Day’ is for children. Spread smaller meals throughout the day; possibly six in total. Eating every two or three hours throughout the day will prevent you from consuming more than you’re burning. SNACK ON celery with peanut butter, whole grain pretzels, apple slices, bell pepper slices and hummus.

I also SNACK ON raisins, celery sticks, carrots and dry cereal.




Limit your intake of alcohol to two or three drinks per week, not two or three drinks per social event. Alcohol increases the inability of the body to burn fat by 40%. When you drink daily or even too often, your body stores more of the fat from the foods you eat. The alcohol inhibits the hormones that help your body burn fat and create muscle. Also, for those who smoke, your fat goes directly to the abdominal area as opposed to the thighs or hips.




It’s widely known that stress can cause weight gain. Specifically, stress causes your body to release a hormone called cortisol. This hormone leads to build-up of the fat that surrounds organs in your abdominal cavity. This is why someone can stop eating when they get stressed, lose weight all over their body, but still have a tummy.

You must spend an hour each day strictly engaged in an activity, hobby or task that you truly love and enjoy. For me, I write, record my videos or promote my XemSays brand through my social networking sites. This is time that I spend completely alone.

TIP: Orange Juice and Whole Wheat Bread are also very fatty and can push that belly beyond the belt if consumed regularly. Don’t be fooled. Both products may serve the purpose of maintaining proper blood and pressure levels, but they attack the tummy like a demon.

I try my very best to eat properly, simply because I have a better chance of controlling my belly gain through food intake than I do by exercising. Sure, the best way to maintain a flat or toned stomach is to engage in at least thirty minutes of daily cardio. However, for those of us who aren’t motivated and truly don’t desire the physical strain, it is best to at least maintain nutritional and lifestyle consistency.


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