Kendrick Lamar Joins Imagine Dragons On-Stage For SNL Performance Of ‘Radioactive’


I think everyone would agree that one of the stand out performances from the 2014 Grammy Award ceremony stems from Imagine Dragons ft. Kendrick Lamar. The artists commanded the stage in such a way that was entertaining and useful in breaking up the monotony of the extended music program. Usually, the Grammy committee pairs artists that have absolutely nothing in common musically. While the idea may often sound great in executive Grammy meetings, the execution often fails when the artists perform together live. Well, not only did Imagine Dragon and Kendrick Lamar sound great alongside one another, but I think each artist was able to receive proper exposure to the fans who are familiar with each, separate genre.

Last night, Imagine Dragon invited Kendrick Lamar to join them on the SNL stage for another mashup of their Radioactive single. The hot record was remixed to include Kendrick Lamar’s unique and underrated talent. I missed the performance last night, but was able to watch it this morning. It’s very impressive, and just as infectious as the delivery of the same song at the 2014 Grammy ceremony. Watch below if you also missed the segment…

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