Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Xem VanAdams is a writer, speaker, and nationally known online personality. Xem offers love, lifestyle and self-esteem advice through original articles posted to his XemSays.com website. XemSays.com garners over 135,000 page views and 120,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis. Additionally, Xem presents a series of informational and entertaining videos recorded for his youtube.com/XemVanAdams channel – conducting interviews and sharing human stories that resonate with a constantly expanding audience. Since its launch in August, 2008, the Xem VanAdams video series has amassed over 3.5 million views.

Xem VanAdams has marketed himself as not only a public figure who tackles social issues regarding race, relationships, dating and sexuality, but also as a “big brother” to thousands of LGBT youth and young adults. Recently published in “The Masters” edition of Pink Rooster Studio’s, THE TENTH, Instinct Magazine and featured at E! Online as well, Xem VanAdams exists as one of the leading voices amongst contemporary, pop culture.

Xem VanAdams is the premiere face of his “Xem Says” brand; targeting an audience between the ages of 18-49 that span the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Ghana and other major parts of the globe. Honored by the esteemed Black Weblog Award committee, Xem VanAdams’ website and video clips have been recognized by the elected panel, as well as his associated peers. Xem has spoken as a panelist for the GLCCB, World Aids Day, Nashville’s Youth Council, and other organizations geared towards the acceptance, tolerance and equality of all people.

Xem VanAdams successfully combines his writing skills, charismatic personality and speaking talents to “Conquer the WORLD, one WORD at a time”.



The Xem Says brand was developed by pop culture critic, Xem VanAdams in April, 2012. The XemSays.com website was created and launched publicly on July 16, 2012.Thousands of individuals from around the world have become familiar with the online voice, face and personality of Xem VanAdams. Xem began blogging about his personal experiences via the Blogspot network in September, 2007. By sharing photos, stories and commentary about the people who framed his life in and around the Baltimore, DC and Virginia area, Xem was able to establish a local, online presence. In the summer of 2008, Xem relocated to Los Angeles, California and eventually grabbed the attention of a national audience when the official Xem VanAdams Youtube Channel was created on 8/8/2008. The first two-part video to be released from that media platform went viral; eventually receiving more than 120,000 unique views.

As many individuals began to watch the ten minute videos that Xem VanAdams recorded and posted from his NoHo apartment on  a weekly basis, the raw and relatable subject matter began to resonate with those who felt marginalized and silenced. When XemVanAdams.com launched in January of 2009, Xem was able to continue sharing his ideas and points of view via the World Wide Web on a daily basis. Detailed blog posts associated with celebrities, entertainment, race, class, gender and sexuality, framed the content matter of XemVanAdams.com. The loyal and established audience that watched Xem on Youtube, quickly began visiting the new dot com multiple times each day. As the traffic increased to secure 21,000 – 35,000 weekly impressions, Xem began to appear on numerous Blog Talk Radio showcases to discuss his XVA brand, as well as topics related to the issues that he regularly addressed via his website and online videos. XemVanAdams.com won three panel and popular vote Black Weblog Awards in the summer of 2009. Between 2009 and 2010, Xem VanAdams was also featured in several LGBT, online magazines as well as the digital HEED publication. Each article focused on Xem’s personal and professional experiences; his beliefs, notoriety and ultimate goals in media.

Xem VanAdams took an abrupt hiatus from his XVA brand in 2011 to focus on building a sense of stability in his daily life. Presently, in 2012, Xem is still supported and enveloped strongly by a large and loyal fan base. Xem has rebranded his online platform to include written and visual material that presents mainstream, universal content.