The “Jocelyn” Runway Performance That Brings The Entire Crowd To Their Feet

JocelynAmongst the now internationally recognized ballroom circuit, Female Figure Runway has become one of the most competitive and eagerly anticipated categories. Transgender women, men dressed in drag and biological women as well, walk against one another to snatch the trophy or cash prize for ‘runway ruler’ of the night. The larger and more grand the particular ball, the more female figures that turn out to grace the floor with their poise, decorum and perfect model effect. Last year, the annual LATEX BALL was once again held in New York City; the home where gay houses were built and the first balls were birthed to the nation. The Latex Ball was hosted at Terminal 5 on August 16, 2013 and was sponsored in part to support HIV prevention and awareness.

Towards the end of the night, the Female Figure Runway category was called to the floor. Little did anyone know, runway would reign as the most entertaining and talked about category amongst the spectators that crowded the three-story venue.

A woman who walked under the stage name, “JOCELYN” was able to sit down every other female figure who dared to compete against her. The commentators and judges were all initially taken aback by Jocelyn’s very professional runway presence. Then, as she continued to grace the room, it seemed that Jocelyn had a few tricks up her sleeves. No other competitor could stand against Jocelyn, as she revealed a new twist to her routine each time she paraded down the runway and back again.

HOWEVER, it isn’t until the 15:30 mark that Jocelyn brings the entire crowd to their feet. I have probably watched this video fifteen times since the footage was released last August, 2013. What Jocelyn delivers to the crowd in those few captured moments seals her standing in ballroom history. WATCH how the crowd reacts to Jocelyn’s secret weapon. Her performance overall is just so polished and refined from the very beginning of the category, until the ‘WOW’ moment that solidifies her win.


Later, it was revealed that Jocelyn is a professional supermodel. She walks runway for Ebony Fashion Fair as DEONNA PINKERTON – and has been positioned for the past four years as a leading face for the Ebony brand. I absolutely LOVED this moment and I know many of you will enjoy it as well.